Me Before You Review


Louisa is the only member of her family who has a stable job. Her mother takes care of her deteriorating grandfather, her father is in danger of being laid off of his job, and her sister has a child and is going to school. When Louisa’s current place of work is shut down, she knows that she needs to find another job and fast. She finds an ad for a caretaker for a disabled man, and in her desperation Louisa applies for the job and receives it.

She first dreads the job because Will, the quadriplegic that she is taking care of is dull, mean, and quite morbid. She doesn’t think that she could ever possibly enjoy taking care of him. However, soon Will starts warming up to her, she learns more about his life before his crippling accident, and she starts to see him as more of the man that he used to be: successful, ambitious, and a model son. When his family comes to visit, she learns the horrifying secret that Will wants to go to an assisted suicide center. Louisa plans to make the possible last 6 months of his life the best 6 months of his life and change his mind.

Let me just say for starters that this book did not make me cry. Like at all. I didn’t even tear up. I loved the story and enjoyed it immensely, but I just didn’t feel that emotional pull. So this won’t be a gushing review of how much I cried while reading it and how I just felt for the characters. Nope, not any of that.

Anyways, I DID enjoy this book. I enjoyed both of the character’s backstories equally, and I read this book all in one sitting just so I could find out all of the character’s deep, dark, secrets (muah ha ha ha). All jokes aside, the character creation for this book was just amazing. I felt that about 80% of the characters could actually be real people, as if they were stepping off of the page. The one person that I didn’t feel this way about was Louisa’s boyfriend throughout the story. I just felt like he was silly and pretty unrealistic. Everyone else though was spot on.

I loved Louisa’s selflessness and courage to even create a plan to keep a suicidal man from killing himself. She kept creating activities and bringing an entirely new life to an otherwise sad story. I wish I had known her when she was a teen, she seems like a person who would be a great friend. I also love Will. Although he is very depressed for a lot of the book, it is interesting to see a side to how people react when everything is taken away from them. People complain that the book is written in the fashion of “You have a crippling accident, there’s nothing left for you until some special ‘functional’ person comes into your life.” I think that this shows what can be a very real reaction to getting into an accident. Usually we hear about the success stories, the people who have horrible diseases and decide to do good deeds and be happy until they naturally pass away. However, this can also be a very real reaction for a person, to just want to end it because they can’t do anything for themselves anymore. And I feel that this book addresses this side of the issue perfectly.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

#AVeryPotterSummer Readalong!/ Summer Series Announcements

I just found out that ReadByZoe on booktube is hosting a goodreads summer readalong of the Harry Potter Series! I haven’t reread the Harry Potter series in its entirety in AGES. Literally, I think the last time I read the 7th book was in….2011 when I WAS 11 and some of it probably went over my head because I was so young. Now, I am planning on following along with this readalong (Although I am about 2 books behind) and I will follow it through to the end.

I also decided that since it is basically summer and after Sunday I will basically be doing no more work for the next 2 weeks of school, why not create my list of series that I want to finish this summer! I will be reading a bunch of stand-alones and series that I cannot finish because I don’t own/can’t buy, but these are the series that I plan on DEFINITELY finishing.

Divergent Trilogy (Reread)

The Fifth Wave Trilogy

Hunger Games Trilogy (Reread)

Harry Potter Series (Reread)

The Lord of the Rings

Dorothy Must Die

The Lunar Chronicles

The 39 Clues & Cahills Vs. Vespers & Unstoppable (Reread)

The Wolves Of Mercy Falls

The Selection

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Daughter Of Smoke & Bone Trilogy

The Zom-B Chronicles

The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices

Septimus Heap

The KingKiller Chronicle

The Outlander Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians & The Heroes of Olympus

The Kane Chronicles (Reread)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Pecuiliar Children

His Dark Materials

The Inheritance Cycle

Five Kingdoms



The Vampire Academy

Throne of Glass

A Court Thorns and Roses Trilogy

Chronicles of Narnia Series


The Grisha Trilogy!

That is a pretty tall order for one summer, but I think I can do it. It will be my own personal challenge. After my birthday, I might even make an update post once I get my new books. But for now, this is it. See ya!



Fierce Winds Rising Review

Fierce Winds Rising (Tales of the Ersellian Winds #1)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

This epic fantasy story takes place through the eyes of several different characters. Artem Harrold wants to reclaim his kingdom’s lands, and compromises with Seralynd’s kingdom by marrying her. Orphaned Seralynd tries to bring her dying kingdom back into happiness and prosperity, but she is only 17 and she has a crush on one of her guards. In a neighboring entity, Rosamund is in charge of a small fleet of men, and while she is trying to stay on the good side of the commander so he does not dissolve her team, she is also falling in love with Stony, the in-person leader of her team. A self-taught magician is struggling to teach himself how to do more advanced spells so he can be recognized as a proper magician.

 This may seem like a lot of information to take in and a very convoluted storyline. However, Richard handles all of the storylines with ease, and I never found myself backtracking in the story because I had forgotten what had happened to a certain character and now that it’s in their point of view I am totally lost. It was a very smooth read for a story that had that many storylines.

 I enjoyed delving into this fantasy world. My favorite storyline was either the magician’s or Seralynd’s, but none of them were so uninteresting that it ruined the storyline for me. I am glad that this book is part of a series and I cannot wait to read the next book to tie up some of the loose ends of all the unique characters.

 Overall Rating: 4/5

A Body Resurrected Review

A Body Resurrected by Groovy Lee

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Mira is a girl who lives in the OLD OLD TIMES. They have no technology, nothing but their farm and themselves. When Weir, a strange traveler comes and tells her that he is from another planet, at first she doesn’t believe him. Then she goes into his ship with her father, and sees all these devices that she never even knew existed, drank a fizzy strawberry drink that she had never tasted before, and she was immediately sold. When Weir says that he is here on a mission to kill an evil man, she immediately wants to be able to help him.

Fast forward a lot of years. Tina lives with her grandmother Bitsy, her cousin Tiffany, her cousin’s boyfriend, and her cousin’s baby. She is always telling her cousin to dump her hacker boyfriend, but she realizes that if she leaves with her boyfriend than her elderly grandmother will lose the baby that she has become so attached to taking care of. While she deals with this, a strange mummy has come to be displayed at the the museum where she works. This mummy is attracting a lot of publicity, including a strange man that comes almost every day just to watch him. One day, the mummy is struck by lightning and escapes the museum, and so now Tina and the strange man must try to capture him.

 This book was a sweet read. Although the characters were supposed to be going through high paced action and intense scenes, I could still feel myself feeling calm after every scene where I just got a nice setting with something such as a family dinner. The storyline was creative and I did enjoy getting to hear about Mira before learning about Tina instead of that simply being a flashback or not included at all. It is important to me for a book to have balance, and although it took me a while to truly get into the story, it does not drag for long because of its comfortable length. I would advise this to you as a quick read with a balanced storyline good for any day.

 Overall Rating: 4/5

The Atlantic Pyramid Review


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The myths about the Bermuda Triangle are real. Heath Sharp learned this the hard way.  He was doing his usual job of teaching people in the flight school, but when he is teaching Gavin they get caught up in a storm. When Heath comes to, Gavin is sitting beside him in the cockpit still, but he has died. Heath decides to take some of the items that he may need, and go to the shore, but when he steps outside of his aircraft he sees what looks like a graveyard of water and air vehicles. Some seem to be old pirate ships, like replicas of the ones from the 1600s, some seem to be planes from the 1940s, and some seem to be planes just as new as his.

When he reaches one of the pirate ships, he goes down into what seems to be a sleeping area to see 3 dead bodies. None of them are decayed, but they are all dressed in old pirates clothing. He reads one man’s suicide note, all in very broken English, trying to explain to some captain why he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Once Heath finally makes it to land, he finds out that those bodies were actually from many years ago, that bodies don’t decay in this place, that people are immortal, and that he will never be able to leave.

 This book entices me to learn more about the Bermuda Triangle. I love how the author took what people thought was simply a silly myth and turned it into an entire world where people are trapped on this immortal island. Heath’s character doesn’t have that much of a backstory, but that doesn’t mean that he is an uninteresting character to read about. I enjoyed every minute of reading about his adventures on this island and him meeting characters from all over the world in all different time periods.

 The only thing that I had an issue with in the book was that it took awhile to get started in my opinion, but then once it got started everything went smoothly from there and I completely enjoyed my read. I recommend this to anyone looking for a new spin on a common myth.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Seizures Review

Seizures: A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Imagine that it is the zombie apocalypse. Your parents have turned and are gone, and if you go outside you are in danger of being attacked by your neighbors. Now imagine that you suffer from seizures. Now you are living on your own, have to worry about having enough medicine, and a seizure could possibly leave you at the mercy of the zombies, or kill you if it happens outside or at the wrong time. It sounds really sad and depressing right? WRONG.

Seizures is an amazing book with this exact plotline. When I first started to read it, I thought that it might potentially be a really depressing or nerve-wracking story. However, Sparrow Black manages to keep the spirit of the book lighthearted throughout. Even though Madeline may have some tough times, she always keeps her chin up, makes a lot of jokes throughout her first person narration, and tells a day by day story about what is happening during what is probably the end of the world. She even meets some new friends on her journeys.

I wish that this book were a series so I could hear more about Madeline and her adventures. She is such a fascinating narrator with such a way with words that you feel as if you are actually there with her. I almost read this entire book in one sitting, but although the ending didn’t disappoint me it did leave me wanting for more. I advise anyone looking for a new zombie apocalypse read that isn’t all that action-adventure, and all around generic, than this is definitely the book for you. I don’t think that there is anything else like it!

Overall Rating: 5/5

100 Followers Post! PLUS A Question for Y’all

HAVE JUST REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS Poster | Adam | Keep Calm-o-Matic

I know I am late on this as I am almost at 120 followers now (*screams internally*), but I just wanted to say thank you guys for allowing my blog to grow so quickly! I have really rediscovered my passion for reading, which has helped me as I have been sick A LOT for the past 5 months and I needed something to do. I plan to keep this as a hobby for a long, long, LONG time, and although my goal right now is to focus on just the writing part on wordpress…I might just go to youtube. MAYBE But probably not until 2018 because I simply don’t have time to juggle a steady youtube channel in my upcoming senior year of high school (kill me now, I signed up for AP Calculus). Anyways, I also want to start joining in on the Bookcons and book events! Over the summer I hope to be able to go to some of them, hopefully, possibly. Anyways, I don’t have much more to do than PROMISE to do things in the summer as I have no time to even breathe right now.


Also! What I need you guys for is a catchy phrase to use at the end of my posts. If you guys put one in the comments, I will put it at the end of one of my future reviews. I might pick one of them at random to put in all of my future reviews. That way you all are always a part of me!

See ya!

The Secret of the Old Clock Review


Nancy is a strong-willed 16 year old girl whose father is a lawyer. When she hears about how the rich Topham family  is receiving all of the money from deceased Josiah Crowley’s will, she is slightly suspicious. When she hears rumors from some of the old friends that Josiah used to have and the Tophams themselves about another will having possibly been made, she is immediately on the case. She is determined to find out if Josiah had made a different will, and if he did she wants to be the one to find it.

I have to say that first and foremost I love the Nancy Drew series. Especially the older versions when she was really a spunky girl. In the newer versions with the yellow spines, or the even newer ones that are completely yellow or something, she was still a very bright girl but she was dumbed down a bit and started caring about things such as “prom” and “having a boyfriend”. I can’t say that I hate those books, I even read the Nancy Drew Notebooks with an 8 year old Nancy Drew when I was younger, but it wasn’t sticking to the original character. The original Nancy Drew did not worry about things as trivial as that, she was a true crime solver, and that is why I loved her. That being said….

The author who wrote the original Nancy Drew books was a very racist woman. Many people have never actually read the original Nancy Drew books, but even when my mother used to read them to me she would have to omit certain parts. Let me give you an example. There is only one black man in the entire book of the Secret of the Old Clock. Since he is kind of a spoiler character, I am only going to tell how he is portrayed. Nancy refers to him as a “colored man” which, okay this was written in the 1930s. I will forgive that. But then when the character opens his mouth, he speaks in the most broken, idiotic English that any character in the book has spoken yet. He slows Nancy down in her case. He is drunk the entire time he is in the story. He is basically the most useless and stupid character in the book. And this is the ONLY black person in the entire story. I vaguely remember reading several of these original books,  and in almost every story, there was very few characters that were any race other than white, and if they were they were usually black and were either being made fun of or being chastised for their stupid actions. If this doesn’t say something about the author, I don’t know what will.

So there you have it. The storyline is great, but the racism is very prominent and pretty harsh for a children’s book. I will continue with this series, because I just love Nancy Drew and I want to see her in her original form. However, I do not want to ignore the glaring faults of this book for the sake of loving it.

Overall Rating (Ignoring racism): 5/5

Overall Rating (Not Ignoring): 3/5

Deadly Cargo ARC Review



Jake Mudd hates making deliveries that have secret packages. He never knows exactly what he is carrying, and more often than not a secret package gets him into trouble with the owner’s enemies. This is what he explains to his ships AI, Sarah, as he travels to his newest destination. When he arrives on the new planet, he is greeted by a girl named Nadira who has come in place of her father to collect the package. While he is completing the transaction, a man comes and tries to attack them. After Jake defeats him, Nadira admits that she is not the true owner of the package, but that she was trying to get the package away from the person who was.

On this planet, there are two races. One race is under the control of the other, and if they got their hands on this package that they had ordered, they would kill all of them by poisoning the land so they could no longer live there. Nadira needs for this package to go to the good race, so that they can use it against the master race and retake their lands. Jake is dragged into this because he needs the payment in order to help someone, so he decideds to help her in order to get the money he needs. This takes him on a wild space adventure where he meets a host of characters and learns about a world that he didn’t even know existed.

This book was a wild ride throughout. I loved all of the action scenes, the fullness of the universe, and all of the well-rounded characters. The only real issue I had was the fact that some of the action scenes were written as they would have been seen in a movie, and as a person who doesn’t usually visualize scenes within books I missed a lot of the meaning of them. However, if you are a person with an artistic mind who finds it easy to visualize these scenes, than this is an even better book for you, because almost every action scene is written in great detail with every movement carefully noted. If you are like me, you can still follow along and get into the action of the book without actually being able to see it.

I cannot wait for the next book in this action-packed series, I could see the story becoming more and more developed and more interesting as I went along. I just know that in the next book I will enjoy just as much. I recommend this series to anyone who is ready for a fresh action story.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Dorothy Must Die Review


Amy has known that she was trash since she was 9 years old. When she was 9 she had her birthday party in the trailer park, but no one came because it was in a trailer park. Over the next few years, her mom became addicted to pills, and she never gained any friends. Now she is in high school, but she is still stuck in a small town with the same people. Her mom is still an addict, and if she isn’t high then she is out partying, still not spending any time paying attention to Amy. Amy basically fends for herself, but when she is suspended for a fight with a pregnant girl that she didn’t even throw a punch in and a tornado is coming to the area, she does not expect her mother to simply go to another party and leave her in the trailer by herself.

When the tornado hits, the trailer and Amy are swept up in it. When the trailer finally touches the ground, a boy helps Amy and her pet rat Star out of the trailer which landed on the edge of a ravine. Amy realizes that she is in Oz, but as she goes on her way she meets a munchkin and a wingless flying monkey, which tell her the true story of what happened after Dorothy left. Dorothy came back to Oz after she tired of the real world, and became the ruler after Ozma mysteriously disappeared. Then she became sort of addicted to magic, she wanted all that OZ had to offer, and so the munchkins were forced to drain the magic by mining Oz in order to please the new queen Dorothy. The Lion, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and Glinda all work for her, and she has turned what used to be a wonderland into a hellhole.

Amy knows that as basically a second Dorothy, she is what can help Oz. A rebel group takes her in, and so she begins her quest to save Oz.

I. Loved. This. Book. It was so good! I don’t know why I didn’t read this series before. Amy is simply such an interesting character, the rebel organization had so many cool people, but I cannot name them because of spoilers. I loved how she never gave up and was independent for most of the book, even as she worked for the rebel organization. I also thought it was interesting how Dorothy had so easily turned from good to evil. I never really thought about how her time in OZ would affect her once she came back to the real world, but it is reasonable to think that she would be unsatisfied with the real world after OZ.

I love fairytale retellings usually, well, let me not say that. I usually enjoy GOOD fairytale retellings, and this just happens to be one of the good ones. I advise anyone who read the Wizard of Oz and enjoyed it, or who simply likes a good fairytale with a strong heroine, to pick up this book as fast as you can and finish it!

Overall Rating: 6/5