Power Ballad Review

New Webcomic “Power Ballad” is a Song You’ll Want To Sing ...

Meera is a personal assistant to an international pop star named Carina. Her job is to make sure that everything in Carina’s life is planned expertly, so that she makes all her appointments on time. However, Carina is not just what the public sees. She has the second persona, of the “Skeleton” where she puts on a skeleton suit and fights crime. Meera is the only one who knows who Carina really is, and she loves her for it. However, she is afraid that A. Carina is straight and B. It would put a strain on their working relationship. But as she continues to help Carina in both her professional and personal crime fighting life, her feelings for her are undeniable.

I love this story. I love it so much. Please just read it, it is so sweet. This is such a pure romance, and it has action, and it has friendship. This comic makes every single thursday worth it, and I would recommend it to anyone who is just looking for a very healthy and sweet romance.

Overall Rating: 6/5

Siren’s Lament Review

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Lyra has loved Shon (red hair) for quite awhile, but he has never shown any sign of thinking of her as more than a little sister. She pretends to be okay with this, but as he proceeds to get a girlfriend, she feels more alone than ever. Ian (white hair), a siren, knows that he has to kiss a brokenhearted person in order to break his curse and be able to walk on land again. When he sees a brokenhearted woman walking on the boardwalk, he knows that this is his chance.

What happens is completely unexpected. Ian does get to walk on land, but he has a sensitivity to being out of water for too long, and when he gets into water he sprouts a tail. Lyra has the same symptoms. Since neither of them are free from the curse totally, Lyra thinks that by healing her broken heart, they will be free. Ian believes that if he tries to break the curse with a different brokenhearted person, they will be free.

The art and music in this weekly Saturday comic is amazing. I love mermaids, so a comic written about the darker side of the stories is just what I needed. This isn’t the first comic that instantmiso has written, Where Tangents meet is another . That one was beautiful as well, and is completed whereas this one is ongoing. I recommend Siren’s Lament to anyone looking for a comic to binge/read that has a unique storyline and incredible character building.

Miss Abbott & The Doctor Review

Miss Abbott And The Doctor Ch.9 Online

Dr. Andreas Marino is the doctor of a small town, and he expects his life to be structured and normal. However, a young lady named Cati soon moves into town. She has just come from a trip to visit the Amazons, and soon Dr. Andreas’ life is filled with excitement and mirth as Miss Abbott/Cati falls for the doctor.

This comic is a weekly Saturday comic. It is amazing as it is historical fiction, made just a bit more realistic. No perfect relationships, or proper courting, or humble, homely housewives. Every person in this comic has a unique personality that shines through in everything that they do. THis comic even has LGBTQ representation in a historical setting. People tried to tell the author when she had a lesbian character that “there were no lesbians in the past” She quickly shot them down in the next update with black and white pictures of gay and lesbian couples throughout time. I love this comic, and its author, and I hope that you give it a try.

Winter Moon Review

Representative image

If you’ve played an mmo, you’re likely to have seen her. She comes to an in-game city, probably as a weaker class such as a healer, and asks men for help with a dungeon or for money. The guy “falls in love”, buys her anything she asks for, and then takes her through the dungeon. Then the girl leaves to the next city, effectively dumping him, in order to do the same thing.

The Winter Moon webcomic is basically a big “what if?” scenario. What if the girl was in the city and decided to try to hit on a powerful sorcerer, only to find out that he’s gay?

This story is absolutely hilarious, with a sassy and strong gay male lead and a female lead who is….well…she’s a hard one to pinpoint. She could be seen as weak for not playing the game by herself, instead relying on men to get her her stuff. But technically, by playing the part of the ditzy, cute, flirty blonde healer, she can become the richest person in the city in an instant. So does this make her weak, or in fact extremely strong?

If you do read this comic, be prepared for awesome PVP battles, gold digging, male strippers, deserts, drooling boys, and least importantly, actual MMO-like quests.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Lunarbaboon Review

This comic has helped me immensely. Lunarbaboon is a real-life comic with some comedic parts, some serious parts, and some eye opening parts. It is a story about a comic writer who has both anxiety and depression, and his family. Since it is kind of an autobiography of sorts, as you go through the comics it is as if you are traveling with the author through his daily life. He talks about anything from showing respect to people of different cultures, to spending time with family because kids won’t be kids forever, to how being with those you love can help you through depression.

This comic is amazing because it actually makes you think without depressing you. I have been spending way too much time lately worrying about every little thing, and even my friends have started to ask me if I’m okay. This comic reminds me all the time to reach out to those in my life, spend time with family, and to work on getting out of the mud instead of staying stuck in it forever. That’s why I recommend it to anyone who really needs help, or who just wants a comic as a pick-me-up from day to day. You can read it on the free webtoons app or on several sites online just by googling it.

Thanks for reading!

Big Jo Comic Review

EP 05 - There Goes My Hero - 5 | Big Jo

Jo is a teenage girl who happens to be on the larger end of the weight spectrum. Some people like to bother and bully her for it, but she refuses to let herself be walked on and instead fights back. When I first read this webtoon’s description which literally starts “Jo doesn’t take crap from no one”, I thought that it would be a story about a girl who was a bully, but of course wasn’t a “real bully” because she had been bullied before over her weight and was just taking it out on others. However, Jo is actually a really nice girl, and is only even slightly mean to people when they are bullying her first. She has her own group of “misfit” friends, and loves to read. When a boy who is on the soccer team is dared to become her friend, she thinks that he is going to help her lose weight, and allows him to teach her new sports. This starts a rather unconventional, yet somewhat sincere relationship between the two as the boy teaches her how to “get fit”.

This story may seem to be typical, “Athlete guy falls in love with geeky/nerdy/unfit girl” but it’s really not. There is a lot of different parts of this storyline and none of the characters seem flat. This story also gets into the issue of healthy and nonhealthy weight loss, and other issues such as true popularity. This webtoon updates every tuesday, and I recommend anyone looking for a realistic life comic to read this one.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Sedna Review (Webtoon)


Sedna is a Japanese girl who is in love with space and everything to do with it. She teaches her best friend Dini-san about the things that she is learning about space. The artist who creates this, Thomas L McDonell, always makes sure that when he draws the stars that he is drawing the actual constellations and not simply dots in the sky. Little details such as this are what makes the comic so unique. In certain chapters, it could simply be an imaginary space battle using glue and scissors, but in quite a few chapters Sedna will tell an actual educational lesson about space and the stories of different constellations. Since this comic is very clean, I would say that this could even be read by a middle or upper elementary schooler as a short lesson on astronomy.

The comic has 87 episodes so far, is updated every Tuesday and Saturday, and can be read either on Webtoons here or the creator’s website. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be able to brush up on some simple astronomy through a cute story.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Asleep Beside You Review

Asleep Beside you

Asleep Beside You is a comic written and illustrated by the amazing author F. Arnott. She is still in college, but somehow manages to updated this wonderful comic daily, if not more than once a day.

Asleep Beside You is a tale of two complete strangers named Tyr and Kate that randomly start having dreams about each other. At first they are missing each other’s sleep times, but soon they start to wake up in the dream at the same time, and then the start talking to each other. After realizing it is impossible to physically escape the dream, they settle in and start enjoying their nights. This comic is filled with the pair’s nightly conversations, the struggle of their daily lives, and how they are helping each other through their own personal struggles. For example, Tyr is painfully shy and Kate has never had a truly successful relationship. Through it all they each have their best friends that give them advice along the way.

This is not a full review because although nearly 400 episodes in, she is still uploading the final arc so the story is not finished. When the webtoon is finished I will review it in its entirety and give it a final rating. How you can read this for free is going here to read on your computer, or downloading the webtoons app on your phone for a far easier reading experience. If you want to support F.Arnott you can go here to buy a copy of the physical volume one. This is a fun story to read casually, and immerse yourself in the sweet story of two complete strangers falling in love.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Rock And Riot Webcomic Review


I was not expecting to find this. I was looking at a random cartoon on YouTube that had popped into my recommended when this was “Up Next”. I saw the name, Rock and Riot Love Follies Pilot, and I thought that this would be pretty interesting to watch. I was treated to a lovely short love story between the African American girl in the gang pictured above, and a white girl with blond hair and in a pretty pink dress. If anyone wants to go see the beginning of the new webseries, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l8xbqvFPYI

Then I saw in the description the link to the webcomic, and I decided to go and read it. The webcomic started being written in 2015 and has 14 chapters now, updated biweekly. It tells a whimsical tale, akin to the high school stories of the 50s with the greasers and the gangs, except there is a guy gang and a girl gang. The whole story is based upon the premise of an LGBTQ version of the old movies such as Grease. Every, and I mean every character has a unique backstory, all the relationships are sweet and representative of all, and the characters although they have their flaws are all quite likeable. I spent a full hour this afternoon simply reading this amazing comic.

I will most likely be reviewing the webseries individually, first starting off with Love Follies and then updating whenever the author Chelsey Furedi decides to post more videos. This comic has tackled tough subjects of homosexual relationships, transgender, racism, asexual, bisexual, and non binary people in a tactful manner that I have come to love. I reccommend this to anyone looking for a lighthearted and fun read, and the link to her site is http://rockandriotcomic.com

Overall Rating: 6/5