Club Penguin Vs. Club Penguin Island

club-penguin-island-cheats-hack-tips-guideClub Penguin - And...

Club Penguin was a game that I only played on the DS lite when I was in elementary school, but in middle school some of my friends and I used to play it on the computer. As a buildabearville gal, I was not used to many things being locked off because you needed a paid membership to access them. On that site, it was a one time purchase of a bear and you were just about set for the rest of your days. However this site wanted you to pay 60 dollars a YEAR to access all of the things. Members got the best clothes, more puffles (pets), more furniture, larger igloos (houses), more money, more games, more spy quests, and just generally more everything.

In 2010-2011, you could still enjoy the game without a membership. However in mid-2012 the members got more and more exclusive items until nonmembers were basically only playing 30% of the game. On the DS games that they made, nothing ever changed, so after 2013 I stopped playing the online version and went back to the singleplayer DS version.

Flash forward to 2017. I haven’t touched CP in about a year when I hear that CP is closing for good. I pop on my old account, see how bad the “member/nonmember” segregation has gotten just in the year I was gone, and sign off. Nothing interesting is happening and there is no reprieve from the membership rules. Many games allowed everyone to enjoy everything while the game closed, but not Club Penguin.

I was not sad to see CP go, as it had already deteriorated since 2012 in my opinion. Then I heard that it was moving to a 3D mobile game. I got a little excited as I had been looking forward to a good mobile game for a long time. I preregistered on my phone and waited for March 31st to arrive.

As soon as the game alerted my phone, I downloaded it. I saw the cute tutorial with Captain Rockhopper and Auntie Arctic, saw how nicely the colors showed on my phone. But then they wanted me to move. This was the most annoying task, I swerved and dipped attempting to waddle around but it was a chore to simply walk straight. “Whatever” I thought, mobile joysticks were always irritating to me. I had to do a quest where I ziplined from the top of a lighthouse to the village square. As soon as my penguin finished the quest I got a popup saying that only members can use ziplines. I thought “Since when has CP limited moving?” The next thing that happened was that I leveled up. However all the things that I received had a lock on them. Only members can use emotes, only members can use blueprints to create their own clothes, and many other things. To rub salt in the wound, they forced you to create your own penguin outfit before locking it away.

Everyone was in the chat saying that they game sucked and that everything was members only. Membership is only 5 dollars a month, but if you pay for a membership you will be one of a select few and surrounded by nonmembers who can’t do anything that you can. Disney had already ruined CP but this Island game is simply an abomination and is worse than the DS lite games created 10 years ago.


Overall rating 1/5 (for nice graphics). 

Fire Emblem Awakening Review


As I wait patiently to finally be able to order the nintendo switch, I have been going to my backlog of 3ds games that I either never played or never finished. This game I had started quite a few months ago, but I had never gotten around to finishing the entire main campaign. Now, this game has made me fall in love with the Fire Emblem gameplay style, and I already downloaded Fire Emblem Birthright to continue the series on 3DS.

Fire Emblem Awakening starts off with you being woken up by the prince Chrom. You have no memories, but when you can help them in battles by being a statistician, they recruit you. The kingdoms are at war with each other, mostly over the Fire Emblem, and Faceless are popping up everywhere to attack random villages. You travel throughout the land, defeating tyrannical leaders, saving villagers, and protecting the Fire Emblem from falling into the wrong hands, while also trying to figure out where you come from and how you fit into this new world. As you go on your journey, you will meet a whole slew of characters that will join your army and help you on your journey. One of my personal favorite characters is a 1000 year old dragon that takes the form of a little girl and acts that way most of the time. Another is a boy of unknown age that acts like a brat for some of the time but then turns out to be a very powerful magician.

Fire emblem is good for me because it does not require physical skill but instead mental skill play, it is figuring out where to place the characters on the screen so they attack where you want them to. It sounds simple, but it requires a lot of planning and thought, especially if you play hard mode where if characters die then they die permanently. The game has about 26 chapters, it took be about 10 hours to complete the main story without touching any of the paralogues or extra story or the DLC chapters. If those are added in several hours could definitely be added to the game.

My only true complaint (without spoiling the story) is that the ending seemed to be a bit rushed. I would have liked to see the ending plot stretched out for a bit longer. Another minor downside is that most of the cutscenes are made in 3D and with maybe one or two of the words in the text box narrated, or simply a sound as the narration. The cutscenes that are made as a full animation are very pretty and fully narrated. Altogether I really enjoyed this game and I would recommend it to someone that isn’t ready for a game such as Super Smash Bros that requires a lot of skill and practice, but wants something more challenging than a simple simulation game such as Animal Crossing.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Animal Crossing #4: Animal Crossing Gamecube 2002

I loved this game so much when I got it about 6 years ago. I was starting the process of moving from a town to a city, so my life was pretty crazy, but everything in this game was peaceful and stable. This game was truly all inclusive and you did not have to play multiplayer to receive anything that made this game any more entertaining. Whether this was because the multiplayer process included switching memory cards rather than going online was the most likely reason that this happened, but it definitely showed the creators’ effort with making a game that would be fun for hours by yourself.

The animal speech in the series turned into gibberish for the other 3 games since this one, however in this game you can actually listen to them speak and decipher some words and phrases that sound like a warped/sped up version of English, giving the villagers a more realistic feel although still animals.

Up to 16 villagers can live in your town at a time, and a system is in place where you can go up to any villager and ask for a job immediately, meaning that you will never run out of things to do. Nearly every weekend an activity occurs whether it is a bug/fish competition or a holiday. The mayor is involved in the town allowing you to be in charge of the lighthouse for the night or handing you event related gifts.

KK Slider, a staple for the series who provides music for the custom houses, starts his career as a railroad stop singer before he is upgraded to a cafe singer in the later games. hqdefault

There are random things to do around the town to keep you busy such as watering flowers, talking and making friends with the villagers, kicking a ball around, digging up fossils and treasure, or stocking the museum with bugs, fish, and fossils. There is never a boring day when playing this game.

If you are looking for an amazing retro gaming experience or simply want an Animal Crossing game that you can play for hours on end without needing multiplayer to progress, this is definitely the game for you.

Overall Rating: 5/5

About Me: Animal Crossing Game Review #1

si_nds_animalcrossingwildworldMy favorite game series has to be Animal Crossing. I just love how you get to create your own world from scratch and they give incentives for completing all the tasks such as filling the museum or buying all the upgrades to your house or filling your town with gardens and trees. Not to mention you can create very real bonds with the AI villagers in the towns that fill your day to day activity. I am going to be ranking the 5 Animal Crossing Games I own from Gamecube to 3DS on either daily or every other day until I have finally finished the list. So now, for my least favorite Animal Crossing Game, Wild World.

#4. Animal Crossing Wild World

This game could have been so good. However they basically took the Gamecube version, took all the special events/holidays that had anything to do with religion out, replaced them with pretty boring ones, and then made the town smaller. I understand that they were probably trying to make their game open to more people, but when it’s Christmas and you are expecting at least a present or some extra snowfall or something, you will be disappointed.The removed holidays also include Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. This means that your Animal Crossing Wild World year consists of mostly Bug-Offs and Fishing Tourneys.

Animal Crossing Wild World was not a bad game for the time, considering how they took a really detailed gamecube game and turned it into a fully functional DS game. When it was on Gamecube, the multiplayer functionality was so complicated, including exchanging memory cards, that most people would go their whole game time without once playing online multiplayer with anyone. However, on the DS they tried to force you to play with other people. If you wanted the fully upgraded Nook’s/General Store with a place to customize your hair and face, you had to have someone visit from another town. They had both local play and online play that would satisfy this feature. But if you were like me, your wifi was invisible to your DS and no one you knew had the game. So that meant that I was locked out of this feature indefinitely because of not being able to play with anyone else.

In wild world, they took away the infinite asking for jobs system. In the gamecube game you could talk to any villager, ask for a job, and they would give you one most of the time. This kept you fairly busy in the time that you were playing, as you ran random errands like “fetch my gameboy from Peanut” or “Get my soccer ball from Static”. In the DS game, a villager would have to randomly ask you to run an errand, which was pretty rare, so you had no real reason to do much besides get on to collect daily fossils and fruit if you didn’t want to spend time doing activities for yourself.

I did love my time with Wild World simply because I could take it everywhere, however the more years pass and the more new Animal Crossing games come out, the more I realize that it had a lot of potential and it did not quite live up to it.

Overall Rating: 2.75/5

About Me: Virtual Worlds

I am a sucker for virtual worlds. The idea of playing a fun kids game with a bunch of other people and being able to have full control over your character’s looks, environment/house, and life was my favorite thing to do as a kid. I remember several that broke my heart when they shut down as well. So here I am going to talk about 3 virtual worlds that I enjoyed that have since closed.

Shut Down

1) BuildaBearVille

Oh my goodness. This was my absolute favorite game from 2008-2012. I would play on this for hours upon hours talking to all of my friends, taking care of my garden, decorating and redecorating my house, spending time making money to buy new clothes, playing with my virtual bears, this game had it all. The best part of the year was during the Holidays as they had a pretty tough maze game for Halloween that gave you candy if you finished it and a fully interactive North Pole when it came time for Santa to come to town. I would use all of my free time to decorate my house and listen to the Christmas songs they would play on there. However, the part that I really took for granted was the fact that this game was not a heavy “Pay to Play” game. If you had a bear that you could buy for 5(virtual only) to 20 bucks, you automatically had a house. They did try to bring in a “VIP” membership and gave the VIP’s special dance moves, special houses, a zoo, and special backpacks, but as a kid I did not feel bad for not being a VIP. I could go to the store to buy clothes for my real life bear to get credits to use online to buy the same house and dance moves, so it was truly optional. I stopped playing it constantly after 2012 where I became more involved in my Xbox 360, Wii, and DS Lite, however I still got on from time to time until it finally shut down because of lack use in March 2015. If they brought it back, I would still play on it as I had built up quite a balance of money over the time I had played, but I doubt that they will sadly.

2) Pixie Hollow

This was not my favorite game by FAR. This game relied heavily on being a member and you could barely do anything if you were not on a monthly paying service which could cost up to 60 dollars a year. Needless to say I never had one, but this game was nice to play with friends. As i had a friend who was a member, I could spend a lot of time getting things from her that she got as a member for free. Altogether this was a fun game to play with friends but it was not fun to play as a non member alone.

3) McWorld

I remember this game fondly. This was by  far the cheapest game that relied on a membership to play as you could get member items simply by buying a kids meal. The games on it were rather boring, but the customization and the friend system was interesting. I would beg my parents to buy me a kids meal, as we did not eat fast food often, when I knew that there was a toy that I wanted to activate on the world. They always gave you a free “sample” of the item virtually, but to get the one that had the designs or that was the full outfit and not just a hat you had to actually get the code from the Kid’s Meal. I do not know why this shut down, it would have made for a great port to mobile devices, and kids would love to be able to play that on their phones as they eat their Kids Meal. Hopefully they realize its potential and bring it back before virtual worlds go completely out of style.

Thanks for Reading!