Starbound Review (Shattered Worlds)

Starbound by [Weil, J.L.]

So I read the first book in my Shattered Worlds 99 cent boxset. I was disappointed, but the story overall was actually pretty good.

Katia has a huge crush on Seth, and has had one since Junior High. However, for some reason Seth has been cold to her ever since they stopped being friends in junior high. Now, as a senior in high school, Katia hopes that she can find some way to reach the happy ending that she knows she can have with Seth, and dump her horrible boyfriend Matt.

Seth knows that he wants Katia. That is why he has to stay away from her. Both of them know that they have magick, but Katia doesn’t know the whole truth. The truth is, Katia and Seth are starbound, meaning that they are destined lovers. However, there is a curse on their families, and the curse is that once every century there will be two people that are starbound, but if they complete the starbound ritual/chant, they will die. So Seth does his best to try to stay away from her, even if it means betraying his own heart.

Y’all already know what’s going to happen. Most of the story is of them half chasing after each other, wanting each other, and half trying to stay away from each other. On one hand, I felt as if I had read the storyline before, but on the other hand, it was still really unique and compelling. There were two things that ruined the story for me, and one thing that could have ruined the story but that I let slide.

One, Elena ruined the story. She used to be friends with both Seth and Katia, but then according to Katia she “turned into a bitch” and now she is trying to get Seth for herself(?). My question is why? Why did she go against her friends, and if she did, why is she still in the friend group? Why does she want Seth? It seemed as if she was just thrown in there for extra conflict, although she really didn’t need to be. She was just an unlikable character with no good qualities, and that means that she was a rather empty shell, which is never good for a story.

Another thing that ruined the story for me was the ending. I won’t spoil it, but it seemed rushed, and then ended on a cliffhanger. This made no sense, as there is no sequel to the story. It’s like the author tried to write the ending like one of those horror movies where you don’t know what truly happens at the end, but in all honesty I was confused like “what actually just happened?” It was probably one of the most disappointing endings I have ever read.

The last thing that could have ruined the story for me was the thought that if her parents had a son instead of a daughter, or if  his parents had had a daughter instead of a son, that the curse wouldn’t have been put on them. I believe that the curse still could have been put on them, and the two boys or two girls would have fallen in love with each other, but the author made it seem as if that was “impossible”.

So I would recommend this box set simply because it was so cheap for 22 books, but not this individual book, which actually costs 2.99 on the Amazon Kindle, unless you read to the end and then make up your own ending.

Overall Rating: 1.5/5


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  1. iArtichokeu says:

    Whoaaaaa didn’t this box set come out today? I just bought it. I need to pick up my reading skills!

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    1. brisblog2017 says:

      I had it preordered and read it today. I didn’t even realize that I’d read it all in one day until you mentioned it XD

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      1. iArtichokeu says:

        Lol! That’s funny.

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