What Have I Been Up To?

Heylo guys! It is the beginning of July, summer is underway, and I have been kinda absent on my blog. What has happened is that I have become entirely tired of reading. I dunno WHAT will get me out of this horrible slump, but I have not wanted to read any of my books lately. Just letting them expire on my digital library account and sit in the boxes that I bought them in. I even went to a school book sale and got a lot of ARC books and used books, and had books given to me by a teacher that I wanted to post about. However, I just have not been interested at all. Nevertheless, this blog will not die! Instead of reading books, I have been playing many, MANY video games. Even some that were from the movies of books. So I will be making many reviews of games I am either playing now or games that I have played in the past. On top of that I will be catching up on my old book reviews that were supposed to be done.


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  1. FifteenthWonder says:

    Why haven’t you been feeling up to reading as much?

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    1. brisblog2017 says:

      Idk. It’s rather depressing really. It’s like I want to read but my brain just won’t let me XD


      1. FifteenthWonder says:


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