Wonder Woman Movie Review

Wonder Woman's women-only screening causes outrage - Nerd Reactor

Okay, I didn’t know what to expect at all when I walked into this movie theatre. I was always more of a Marvel gal to be honest. I watched Agents of Shield and skipped Gotham. Then Supergirl came out and I have been obsessed with that for basically forever. And now, Wonder Woman came out and I was expecting a movie about current times, not about the past. But this is more of a Wonder Woman origin story, which I ended up loving even more.

Wonder Woman/Diana lived on an island full of Amazon women who were put there by the Greek gods from Olympus in order to learn how to fight and eventually kill Ares with a sword called the godkiller. Diana’s mother forbids young Diana from training because they think that Ares will never return, but Diana’s aunt Antiope trains Diana in secret. A few years later when they are found out, Antiope convinces Diana’s mother to let Diana continue training. By the time she has grown into an adult woman, she is an amazing fighter, but she has some powers that no one can explain, such as the bracelets that she wears that accidentally knocked down her aunt with some kind of sound wave when she crossed her forearms. A pilot named Steve crashes into the ocean within the island’s mist barrier, and the Germans are after him on ships, but they get through the mist barrier by accident and begin to attack the Amazonians with their guns. Steve is captured, the Germans are killed, and he says that there is a terrible war going on outside the island. He says that there is some crucial information that he MUST share with the British in order to stop more people from being killed in the war. Diana thinks that the war must be caused by Ares, so she and Steve leave the island together, him in search of the commanders he needs to give the crucial information to, and Diana in search of Ares.

I loved this movie. I really loved this movie. I know people always said that they didn’t think it lived up to the hype, but I never listened to any of the hype so I wasn’t expecting anything. I thought that by having the backstory of the island, it felt much more personal when she left and went to see the outside world. I also liked the view of WW1, it was sad to me because as she tried to save humanity in the movie, in real life the humans just kept fighting each other which got them nowhere. This was a great plot line for her, although I don’t know if it followed the comics or not simply because I never read the comics. (Steve was Chris Pine, and if you are a girl like me, you watched Princess Diaries 2 when you were young, so seeing him go from Nicholas to Steve has been such a journey for me.)

The movie looked amazing. The only issue I had in the theatre was that they had so many metaly sound effects during the fight scenes that sometimes I felt like I just had the permanent whine of metal screeching on metal stuck in my ears. But other than that none of the other sound effects were particularly obnoxious. I would recommend this movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but if you have sensitive ears to those noises then either see it in a theatre that you know has the sound down a little lower than others or wait for it to come out on Netflix or DVD to watch it.

Overall Rating: 6/5


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  1. Mayah says:

    I loved this too!! Just saw it a few weeks ago. I love it

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