The Atlantic Pyramid Review



I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

The myths about the Bermuda Triangle are real. Heath Sharp learned this the hard way.  He was doing his usual job of teaching people in the flight school, but when he is teaching Gavin they get caught up in a storm. When Heath comes to, Gavin is sitting beside him in the cockpit still, but he has died. Heath decides to take some of the items that he may need, and go to the shore, but when he steps outside of his aircraft he sees what looks like a graveyard of water and air vehicles. Some seem to be old pirate ships, like replicas of the ones from the 1600s, some seem to be planes from the 1940s, and some seem to be planes just as new as his.

When he reaches one of the pirate ships, he goes down into what seems to be a sleeping area to see 3 dead bodies. None of them are decayed, but they are all dressed in old pirates clothing. He reads one man’s suicide note, all in very broken English, trying to explain to some captain why he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Once Heath finally makes it to land, he finds out that those bodies were actually from many years ago, that bodies don’t decay in this place, that people are immortal, and that he will never be able to leave.

 This book entices me to learn more about the Bermuda Triangle. I love how the author took what people thought was simply a silly myth and turned it into an entire world where people are trapped on this immortal island. Heath’s character doesn’t have that much of a backstory, but that doesn’t mean that he is an uninteresting character to read about. I enjoyed every minute of reading about his adventures on this island and him meeting characters from all over the world in all different time periods.

 The only thing that I had an issue with in the book was that it took awhile to get started in my opinion, but then once it got started everything went smoothly from there and I completely enjoyed my read. I recommend this to anyone looking for a new spin on a common myth.

Overall Rating: 4/5


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