Deadly Cargo ARC Review



Jake Mudd hates making deliveries that have secret packages. He never knows exactly what he is carrying, and more often than not a secret package gets him into trouble with the owner’s enemies. This is what he explains to his ships AI, Sarah, as he travels to his newest destination. When he arrives on the new planet, he is greeted by a girl named Nadira who has come in place of her father to collect the package. While he is completing the transaction, a man comes and tries to attack them. After Jake defeats him, Nadira admits that she is not the true owner of the package, but that she was trying to get the package away from the person who was.

On this planet, there are two races. One race is under the control of the other, and if they got their hands on this package that they had ordered, they would kill all of them by poisoning the land so they could no longer live there. Nadira needs for this package to go to the good race, so that they can use it against the master race and retake their lands. Jake is dragged into this because he needs the payment in order to help someone, so he decideds to help her in order to get the money he needs. This takes him on a wild space adventure where he meets a host of characters and learns about a world that he didn’t even know existed.

This book was a wild ride throughout. I loved all of the action scenes, the fullness of the universe, and all of the well-rounded characters. The only real issue I had was the fact that some of the action scenes were written as they would have been seen in a movie, and as a person who doesn’t usually visualize scenes within books I missed a lot of the meaning of them. However, if you are a person with an artistic mind who finds it easy to visualize these scenes, than this is an even better book for you, because almost every action scene is written in great detail with every movement carefully noted. If you are like me, you can still follow along and get into the action of the book without actually being able to see it.

I cannot wait for the next book in this action-packed series, I could see the story becoming more and more developed and more interesting as I went along. I just know that in the next book I will enjoy just as much. I recommend this series to anyone who is ready for a fresh action story.

Overall Rating: 4/5


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