Some Boys Review

WARNING: This book deals with sexual assault. If you don’t feel comfortable reading about this, then please skip this. This is not a spoiler, the whole book is about this one topic. 




Grace was raped by the town’s star athlete/girl magnet Zac. Since everyone in the book loves Zac and he has video proof of her at the time not sounding like she was raped, no one in the towns believe her. In fact, they hate her and think that she simply regrets sleeping with him. She is brutally verbally abused by girls that she thought were her friends, because they think that she stole Zac and is now trying to drag his name through the dirt. She has panic attacks daily because of all the stress she is going through. Her mother tries to help her, but she thinks that her best plan of action is to move away, which Grace does not want to do. Grace has the stress just building up until she accidentally damages school property. Her punishment is to spend a week cleaning out school lockers.

Ian is Zac’s best friend. He had a crush on Grace, but after the whole incident where she claims that Zac raped her he is glad that he never dated her. When he loses his cool, he almost gets kicked off the lacrosse team, the one thing he is relying on to get into college. As his punishment, he is forced to clean out school lockers for a week. What no one knows is that he saw Grace that night, unconscious in a field after the party, and so he is trying to align her story with Zac’s and is struggling between standing behind his friend or standing behind Grace.

This story is definitely a difficult book to read. It is hard to see Grace suffer the way she did every day, and have people still not believe her. I read it fairly quickly on ebook, and it is written in double POV, but it is a very smooth read. I liked how Grace stayed strong for the book, she never decided to give up, or pull back her rape allegations. Even when everyone else was telling  her that she was lying, and the video of her was still out there, she still stood by her facts. Ian irritated me for some of the book, as he went along with his friends for most of the book in attacking Grace. Even if he didn’t verbally abuse her himself most of the time, he usually didn’t stop his friends or Zac from doing so.

The ending of the book really seemed to be too fast. After the whole book was this huge buildup the ending simply seemed underwhelming. I won’t spoil anything, but I am just saying that I didn’t like it very much. This book was a generally interesting and unique read though. It will just be the ending that will be keeping it from a 4/5 rating.

Overall Rating: 3/5


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  1. Another great review! 😊
    I’m sorry this one couldn’t get a higher rating out of you… It’s so frustrating when the book is mostly pretty good but the ending kind of ruins it. Ugh.
    This kind of story can get a bit depressing or idiotic if not handled properly, but I’m glad that didn’t happen here.
    Great to see a rape victim standing by the truth, even when the whole world is against her!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. brisblog2017 says:

      Yes, I love that they didnt try to minimize the situation and that she didn’t give up.

      Liked by 1 person

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