The Stonekeeper’s Curse Review



After the events of the previous book, Emily and Navin have their mother with the rest of their great-grandfather’s robots in the big robot house. She and her brother must go to the city of Kanalis to wake up their mother from her coma, as the antidote for the poison that is affecting her can only be found in this city. The Evil Elf King sends his son with a helper to go after them as they race to the peak where the antidote should be found by a dragon’s egg. They don’t know this, so they end up having to abandon the house and their mother in order to hide from the elves in the city. A fox man that they meet in the city tells them that the trees told him that it was his destiny to help the stonekeeper/Emily on her mission. They find out that they have to go to an area full of these magical talking trees to find a fruit that will save her mother. They think that their only issue will be protecting themselves from the elves, but the girl also fights with the stone that also tries to make her hand her power over to it. If she hands over the power of the stone to the stone itself, she could potentially lose herself and become a very powerful yet dangerous force to be reckoned with.

I wish I could draw. Instead of writing a review, I would then make amazing fanart. Words cannot express how much these stories draw you in just through the art. I loved every minute of the 45 minutes to an hour it took for me to read this book.

The main female character is so strong and young. Now she has her mother, a house full of robots and strange animal-robots, and a younger brother to protect with her stone. The stone that is constantly trying to take over her brain. Yet she does not falter, and is constantly looking for new ways to help the people on her adventure with her. Even showing kindness to people who seemingly don’t deserve any.

Her brother Navin never seemed to be that much of a burden in the story, but now he is showing how he will become more useful as the series goes on in his own way. He seems to have more of a connection with the robots and robotic animals in the house and he keeps everything together when his sister has to do the larger parts of the missions.

Altogether, this series is so beautifully drawn, and I hope to be able to finish it before the school year lets out. I recommend to anyone looking for a quick yet fulfilling graphic novel read.

Overall Rating: 5/5



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