Scholastic Book Fair Book Haul


Every year my school has a Scholastic Book Fair. I usually don’t buy much from it because the books are grossly overpriced for the most part and I don’t find interest in that many of them. However, every year they have a section of books that have red stickers and have prices that are either $2.50 and $3. This year, I gathered $20 with the intention of buying as many of those books as I could. Since I have horrid lighting in my room, I won’t do one of those aesthetic photos with all my books and flowers around them, but I can post stock images of them and tell the general summary of them since I have only read one so far.

I am Princess X (Read)


May loves to write. Libby loves to draw. When they were in 5th-7th or 8th grade they loved to create a comic together that they called Princess X. She lived in a haunted house and rules a kingdom called Silverdale, and they wrote about her adventures fighting monsters and saving people. However, when they were both 13, Libby supposedly died in a car accident with her mother. Her body wasn’t found at the time, but showed up 2 weeks later. She was unrecognizable but her school idea was in the pocket of the body. May misses her terribly, and realizes a week after the funeral that Libby’s father had simply packed up and donated all of Libby’s things, including the Princess X comics, and moved away. May searched thrift stores all over for the comics, but she never found them. Now she is 16, and all of a sudden Princess X stickers and posters pop up all over the city. When she reads the webcomic, she realizes that the story has been changed from what it used to be when she and Libby wrote it. The queen now looks like Libby’s dead mother, the Princess looks like Libby, and she is was kept captive by the villain Needle Man until she finally escaped. Now she is searching for items to escape the Needle Man’s power forever with the ghost of her mother. May knows that it could only be Libby writing this, and goes on an adventure of her own to find her.

Prophecy of the Sisters


There is an ancient prophecy that has caused generations of sisters to become enemies and fight each other, and now it is affecting orphaned twin sisters Lia and Alice. Either they solve the mystery and break the cycle, or end up like the rest of the sisters.

No Summit Out of Sight


Jordan Romero is an inspiration to young climbers everywhere. On May 22, 2010 he climbed Mount Everest. He was only 13, making him the youngest person ever to do so. By the time he was 15, he had successfully achieved his goal that he had set at 9 years old of climbing the tallest mountains on all 7 continents. This made him the youngest person ever to achieve this goal of climbing all seven summits. He wrote this book to tell about his adventures and all that he had to do and his journey up all seven summits.

Thrones and Bones


Karn is supposed to be running his family’s farm but he wants to play the board game Thrones and Bones. Thianna is half human half frost giantess and a misfit in both the human and frost giant worlds. The two cross paths when they are both force to flee into the wilderness and fight for their lives while being chased by a dragon, undead warrior, minions, and other evil people. This story is a viking inspired friendship fantasy adventure.



Typhoid fever has broken out across New York. Prudence loves discovering how the human body works. She wants to work as a lab assistant, and after getting the job she is on the case of what is causing the fever. Mary is an Irish immigrant who worked in every home that the typhoid originated in, but she says she was never sick. Are the people accusing her simply discriminating against her because of her Irish background or is she actually going to change the medical world?

The Scourge


Ani Mells is forced by the governor to do a test for the Scourge, a plague that has been infecting her nation. She is marked positive and sent to Attic Island to live out the rest of her days. However, she realizes that something is not quite right with the supposed illness or the Island itself, and with the help of her friend Weevil she wants to solve the mystery of what is going on.

Rebel Spirits


Lori Chase has seen some ghosts in the past but she believes that she has imagined them. Now she and her parents (against her wishes) have moved to Gettysburg, a town that is marred by its Civil War history. The old inn that she lives in is rumored to be haunted by dead soldiers. Then Lori meets Nathaniel Pierce, the soul of a soldier that cannot rest because he was murdered. Now Lori must figure out who killed Nathaniel, and at the same time she is falling for Nathaniel.


That’s it! Although some definitely sound better than others, there was only 1 other $2.50 book that I didn’t buy. And that was simply because I bought it at the book fair the year before. I will be reviewing these sometime, I don’t know when, but I will probably be done with them all before summer begins. These will undoubtedly have some interesting reviews as only the nonfiction one written by the teen climber received over 4 stars on Goodreads. Anyways, that was my first official book haul. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Menny Thoughts says:

    My students love the heck out of the book fair. I used to love it too. I used to be totally mesmerized by the selections

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brisblog2017 says:

      I would like it more if I had the money but would rather by more used books than a few new books. But at least I picked up a few cheap ones this year.


      1. Menny Thoughts says:

        Depending on where you are from, check out the thrift stores. Goodwill is overpriced at times but you can get some great steals.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. brisblog2017 says:

        Idk what goodwill you’re going to XD I got the Sims 4, a 60 dollar game, for 20 bucks at my local goodwill. And books are almost always a dollar. But my favorite bookstore would have to be the strand in NYC where they have some books full priced but many are 3-5 dollars. They look brand New, maybe publisher overstocks?, and I even got one before it came out. It was only out in hardcover but I got the softcover edition about 2 weeks prior and when I opened it some sort of reviewers checklist fell out. It was blank but I guess it would be one of those “new York times” blurbs that gets posted on the cover. Online I’m going to try bookoutlet once I get some money together.


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