Fanfiction Reviews


Usually I would be doing 2-3 book reviews today and gushing about what I had read throughout the week. However this week, I have been drawn into a more unconventional genre of reading. Fanfiction is a way for fans to make up relationships of characters either unlikely to be paired together, to write a whole new story using their favorite characters, use the made stories and simply extend scenes or add new scenes, or basically doing whatever they want. In my review, I will highlight 3 fanfiction stories I have been addicted to this week

Glass Houses by JennMel

If you have been able to see glee through season 2 and to the beginning of season 3, you know of the adorable couple of Kurt and Blaine. This story puts this couple into an alternate universe. In this universe, everyone has an ES level that allows them to be able to feel other people’s emotions and for other people to be able to sense them. Kurt has an ES level of 0.5, meaning that other people do not like to touch him or even be around him because they cannot sense him and he cannot sense them. He is used to being a loner and has resigned himself to this live, but when Blaine, a strange shy boy, shows up at school, suddenly he does not feel so alone. Blaine is not even afraid of touching him whether it be a high-five or a hug.


Blaine has an ES level of about 4.8 meaning he can have a mental attack where emotions overwhelm him and he goes into a coma. His family has resigned themselves to the fact that he will probably have one that will kill him before he gets into his mid 20s, and so they try to enjoy every minute they have with him. Kurt comes into his life, and somehow they help each other as they suffer through the repercussions of their abnormal ES levels.


This author began writing this story in 2013, and took a year off, but now she is back and determined to finish this story within the next few weeks. She updates almost weekly, and there are 40 chapters already made to catch up on. This story is rated T, there are not really any sexual scenes, and it is a great story to read on your free time.

Chapter 1

Not As It Seems by fearlessly

This story is a very unconventional and some may not be interested in it at all because of this. In this story, the age difference between Blaine and Kurt is changed from Blaine being 1 year younger to Blaine being 38 and Kurt being 17. Also, Kurt in this story is a male that has a functioning female anatomy, not transgender but simply one of the special males in their alternate universe society. Furthermore, this story has some sex scenes scattered about in it, giving it an M rating, but if you don’t mind these things the story is really great.
Blaine is a successful lawyer in Chicago who comes to Lima Ohio to help his cousin on a court case. He has a boyfriend of 2 years named Jon who he plans to propose to when he gets home. Everything seems perfect.

Kurt is a 17 turning 18 year old high school senior. He has a best friend named Quinn and is also friendly with her boyfriend Puck, and a stepbrother named Finn. He is openly gay at his school, and some of the football jocks do bully him for it, but altogether life is pretty good. However he is single and would like to eventually settle down with someone. When Quinn’s cousin Blaine comes to town to work with her dad on a court case, Kurt feels an instant connection to this older man, and immediately gains a crush on him.

Kurt and Blaine start a secret relationship where they get closer and closer, but soon they struggle with explaining to Kurt’s parents, dealing with Jon, and dealing with some complications from Kurt’s “Anatomy”.

This story is completed by the author, yet she she still writes small one shots on her account for this story. If you are interested in reading this 34 chapter story, click here

Meet the Andersons by Emmy-Mae92

This story is in a universe where Blaine is one of ten brothers who are all either adults in jobs or in college, or his twin in a high school boarding school. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is a bit rocky after Blaine cheats on him (before the story begins), but with the help of the brothers they both get to know each other even better than they did before. However, Blaine’s real parents who basically never parented them leaving the older brothers to basically raise the younger ones in their teens are causing trouble. Kurt, Burt, Finn, and Carole have to help Blaine and his nine brothers get through their lives as they struggle to get out from under the strict yet absent rule of their parents.

This story is rated T and has a few sexual references but not enough to make anyone uncomfortable. It is a rather cute story between Kurt and Blaine that the author is still writing. Every chapter is like a mini story within itself, so you don’t feel like you are missing anything. If you want to read the story click here.

Fire Emblem Awakening Review


As I wait patiently to finally be able to order the nintendo switch, I have been going to my backlog of 3ds games that I either never played or never finished. This game I had started quite a few months ago, but I had never gotten around to finishing the entire main campaign. Now, this game has made me fall in love with the Fire Emblem gameplay style, and I already downloaded Fire Emblem Birthright to continue the series on 3DS.

Fire Emblem Awakening starts off with you being woken up by the prince Chrom. You have no memories, but when you can help them in battles by being a statistician, they recruit you. The kingdoms are at war with each other, mostly over the Fire Emblem, and Faceless are popping up everywhere to attack random villages. You travel throughout the land, defeating tyrannical leaders, saving villagers, and protecting the Fire Emblem from falling into the wrong hands, while also trying to figure out where you come from and how you fit into this new world. As you go on your journey, you will meet a whole slew of characters that will join your army and help you on your journey. One of my personal favorite characters is a 1000 year old dragon that takes the form of a little girl and acts that way most of the time. Another is a boy of unknown age that acts like a brat for some of the time but then turns out to be a very powerful magician.

Fire emblem is good for me because it does not require physical skill but instead mental skill play, it is figuring out where to place the characters on the screen so they attack where you want them to. It sounds simple, but it requires a lot of planning and thought, especially if you play hard mode where if characters die then they die permanently. The game has about 26 chapters, it took be about 10 hours to complete the main story without touching any of the paralogues or extra story or the DLC chapters. If those are added in several hours could definitely be added to the game.

My only true complaint (without spoiling the story) is that the ending seemed to be a bit rushed. I would have liked to see the ending plot stretched out for a bit longer. Another minor downside is that most of the cutscenes are made in 3D and with maybe one or two of the words in the text box narrated, or simply a sound as the narration. The cutscenes that are made as a full animation are very pretty and fully narrated. Altogether I really enjoyed this game and I would recommend it to someone that isn’t ready for a game such as Super Smash Bros that requires a lot of skill and practice, but wants something more challenging than a simple simulation game such as Animal Crossing.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Asleep Beside You Review

Asleep Beside you

Asleep Beside You is a comic written and illustrated by the amazing author F. Arnott. She is still in college, but somehow manages to updated this wonderful comic daily, if not more than once a day.

Asleep Beside You is a tale of two complete strangers named Tyr and Kate that randomly start having dreams about each other. At first they are missing each other’s sleep times, but soon they start to wake up in the dream at the same time, and then the start talking to each other. After realizing it is impossible to physically escape the dream, they settle in and start enjoying their nights. This comic is filled with the pair’s nightly conversations, the struggle of their daily lives, and how they are helping each other through their own personal struggles. For example, Tyr is painfully shy and Kate has never had a truly successful relationship. Through it all they each have their best friends that give them advice along the way.

This is not a full review because although nearly 400 episodes in, she is still uploading the final arc so the story is not finished. When the webtoon is finished I will review it in its entirety and give it a final rating. How you can read this for free is going here to read on your computer, or downloading the webtoons app on your phone for a far easier reading experience. If you want to support F.Arnott you can go here to buy a copy of the physical volume one. This is a fun story to read casually, and immerse yourself in the sweet story of two complete strangers falling in love.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Red Queen Review

Red queen hd
Mare Barrow lives in a world where people are separated by blood type. Reds are people who have red blood and no supernatural powers. Silvers have silver blood and also powers that run in families. Reds live in the slums, and get an apprenticeship or are conscripted into the army at age 18. Silvers are in positions of authority such as police officers or the royalty, and they constantly rule over the Silvers in their lives of luxury.
 Mare did not excel in her classes, never receiving an internship, and approaches her 18th birthday. She knows she will be conscripted, but has accepted this as a way of her life. Her fourteen year old sister is an exact opposite of her, an apprenticed seamstress who will eventually support the family with her business since the Silvers love their embroidery. Mare was unhappy with the hierarchy but since nothing had changed for 300 years, she thought that nothing ever would.
Kilorn was an orphan after his father died in the war and his mother abandoned him. He kept picking fights on the street with Mare, and she decided to feed him so that she would have someone more interesting to fight with. Now he is 18 years old and apprenticed to a fisherman. Everything is going well for him, however when his master dies he is going to be conscripted. Mare knows he is important to her, and that she is going to do everything in her power to keep him out of the army. After meeting with a shady organization called the Scarlet Guard, they agree to sneak him out for a hefty price.
After enlisting Gisa for her help, Mare goes into the Silver neighborhood to pickpocket. After the shady organization Scarlet Guard launches a Red terrorist attack and it is shown on the news, a riot breaks out and it is clear that they wont get the money. In a fit of desperation Gisa grabs the wallet, but the Silver has powers and traps them until the authorities arrive to punish the culprit. Gisa’s embroidering hand is broken, and Mare takes her home then runs away, knowing that she has destroyed her family.
While pickpocketing by a bar, she runs across a mysterious stranger that hears of her troubles and gives her a silver coin. The next day, she is taken by guards to the castle and given a job there. The noble families are having a ball where the oldest prince will “choose” his bride after all the girls show off their Silver talents. During one particular girl’s showing where she moved all the metal boxes where people sat around the arena, Mare falls onto the the electric barrier. But instead of being fried, her clothes burn as she sits their absorbing the electricity. The royal guards lock her away as they decide what to do with a Red that presents Silver skills.
Mare barrow is a strong female lead who struggles under the stresses of the world she lives in. She cares deeply for her family and for people in need, shown in how quick she was to feed the orphan Kilorn. Throughout the beginning of the book she faces adversity because of her blood, but by putting her hope in Gisa she does not fear anything. But when the hope is gone, she breaks down and runs away instead of staying to try to help her family. This attitude plagues the first quarter of the book for me, however after she is separated from her family in her job she truly grows as a character.
Gisa was one of the most responsible characters in the book, although one of the youngest at 14 years old. She suffered daily as she was the only one in her family who had truly seen how selfishly the Silvers lived because she worked for them. However, she carried the weight faithfully on her shoulders knowing that she would protect her family, and the weight crushed her when her hand was crushed. Her character seemed to disappear rather than blossom, albeit understandably.
Kilorn irritated me throughout the book. When Mare tried to save him by getting the money for him to escape with the Scarlet Guard, he simply gave up leaving the job to Mare and Gisa. And even when Mare continues to try to help him in other parts of the book, he refuses her help trying to convince her that he was self sufficient. Eventually it just came off as rude as he simply wanted to “be the man” all the time instead of simply accepting her help and trying to return the favor later on.
I enjoyed this book although I believe that the middle and end were far more enjoyable than the beginning. Mare did not come off as irritatingly stubborn at any time, she knew when she had to stay quiet and when it was time to fight back. The book did not annoyingly harp on romance, but I am afraid that it could go in that direction in the future books. The end of the book was, quite surprising, and I enjoyed it immensely, although it seemed a bit rushed. I hope that Victoria Aveyard keeps up the good work in the future and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Overall Rating: 4/5

PS. I heard that this book was going to be turned into a movie sometime soon. Although it was a book full of action and very exciting, since it was a first person novel that had most of the character development through Mare’s thoughts, I think it will be an awkward movie. To get much of the point across, it would have to use a lot more voiceover “thinking” or a lot more dialogue that could possibly get clumsy. I will review the movie however, whenever it comes out. Thanks for reading!