Her Dark Curiosity Review (Madman’s Daughter Trilogy Book 2)


I cannot express how amazing the whole Madman’s Daughter trilogy is. If you aren’t afraid of some gore and frightening scenes, I would recommend this to anyone wholeheartedly. This whole series is a retelling of H.G Wells amazing science fiction novel, the Island of Dr. Moreau. In this series, he had a daughter and a wife before he really delved into his work, and he abandoned them both to work on his horrible human-animal creations.

After the events of the first book, Juliet is in London where her symptoms are worsening. She is almost constantly overtaken by tremors as her body is trying to reject the animal organs that her father put in her when she was a baby. Without the full-power injections and cure that only her father knew about, she is rendered helpless as she searches tirelessly for a way to live a normal life. An elderly professor who had known her father took her in and takes care of her since both of her legal guardians have died. She thinks it is only a matter of time before she follows them both.

Edward is one of her father’s most lethal creations. A living Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, he turns from a quiet timid gentleman to a bloodthirsty beast in a matter of seconds, and it is becoming harder and harder for him to fight it off. Juliet thinks that she left him on the island to die, but somehow he has escaped and is begging for her to help him find a cure. He is still infatuated with her, and with Montgomery seemingly out of the picture the two become closer and closer, until the Beast begins to interfere with things. The Beast loves Juliet as well, and would never kill her, but can hurt her and kills people who have hurt her or who try to take her away from him.

Spoilers Ahead (NOT the end of the book though)


Montgomery returns, he wants to see Juliet again, and Edward is succumbing to the Beast day by day. Edward is simply jealous of Montgomery for stealing most of Juliet’s love, however the Beast wants to murder him in order to take the girl he desires. Montgomery struggles to help Juliet and Edward try to find cures for their ailments, but it is difficult trying to maintain the Beast/Edward. Juliet feels guilty as she has fallen for both men at one time or another, and the Beast keeps talking to her telling her that she too is a monster.



Spoilers Over


I wanted to go to sleep early last night. I had read about 50 pages of this approximately 400 page book before yesterday, and I read another 200 in classes after finishing testing yesterday. I was exhausted after a full day of school yesterday and got into bed around 9 PM, planning to read a little more and then go to sleep by 10. This, of course, did not happen. I instead went to sleep around 11:30 because I got to a part of the book where I simply had to keep reading it. I love this series despite not being a super fan of stories with any horror or even slight gore in them, and I will probably end up finishing the last book tomorrow after I get it from my school library.

The biggest issue I had with the book was the Edward/Juliet slight relationship close to the beginning of the novel. I disliked the idea that she would be with a creature that could possibly snap and hurt her. The Beast was in love with her too so he wouldn’t kill her, but that doesn’t mean that the Beast would not try to force her into having sex, which he did, or that he wouldn’t get mad at her and hurt her. I feel as if she should have kept her distance, at least for awhile until she had found a way to heal him

The things that I really enjoyed throughout the book was the inner turmoil of Juliet, and the tough friendship of Lucy and Juliet. When Juliet fought to keep her father’s ideals out of her head even though some parts of her were interested in them, it showed great character growth. Even when Lucy and Juliet didn’t tell each other the whole truth, they grew together and kept each other going somewhat.

I am giving this book an over-the-top rating because I loved the stories premise, its characters, and it drew me in and would not let me go until I finished it completely.

Overall Rating: 6/5


We Were Liars Review


What a whirlwind ride of a book.

Cadence, Mirren, Johnny are cousins, Gat is Johnny’s friend, all four of them spend their summers at the cousins’ grandfather’s private island with the cousins’ family. They all spend time at the Cuddledown house where they have fun and make up their own rules away from all the adults.

Before their 15th summer, Cadence’s father divorces her mom saying that he couldn’t pretend to be a Sinclair anymore. This quote seems confusing until the next actions of Cadence’s mother. When Cadence wants to cry and be visibly upset on the lawn like a girl whose father just walked out on her and her mother, her mother gets upset with her and tells her to act normal and go inside so they can start to get rid of the memories of her father. This type of attitude when bad things happen seems to be a family trait that is shown throughout the book.

When her and her mother get to the island, memories of the recently passed grandmother start to flood the family, including Gat, and seem to affect the grandfather especially harshly. Gat is more direct with his grief, talking about missing her at dinner and speaking about the random things that she used to do throughout the day. This rubs the family the wrong way because they are trying to act as if their grandmother never existed. Gat’s position as an outsider solidifies as he rubs the cousins the wrong way after he tries to convince them that they were being selfish by only caring about their summer private island and not about the less fortunate.

Gat becomes close to Cadence as she starts to take his thoughts seriously and thinks about her time on the island. Slowly their relationship builds as they believe that they are starting to fall in love, kissing innocently a few times. Everything seems to be going smoothly, but then an accident occurs.

Cadence is found half drowned and shivering on the beach, and in her hospital stay has been found to have received a brain injury during the process that causes her to have crippling migraines. For two years, she suffers and tries to contact her cousins and Gat, but no one is responding. Her mom tries to keep her from going to the island and succeeds for 2 years, but as her migraines are getting worse and worse she finally gets to go back once she has turned 17.

When she get to the island, her grandfather has deteriorated and has slight dementia as he keeps mixing her up with her cousin Mirren. Her aunts and their other children all stay at the renovated main house, but they are all acting strange. She goes to Cuddledown and all of the cousins and Gat are still there, looking perfectly healthy and everything seems to be all right for awhile, but something is still wrong.

I loved this book. If this is turned into a movie I will definitely try to see it and review it within the first week or so. The ending is definitely surprising and it is one of the most suspenseful books I have ever read. Very intriguing with interesting characters and I would recommend to anyone.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Animal Crossing #4: Animal Crossing Gamecube 2002

I loved this game so much when I got it about 6 years ago. I was starting the process of moving from a town to a city, so my life was pretty crazy, but everything in this game was peaceful and stable. This game was truly all inclusive and you did not have to play multiplayer to receive anything that made this game any more entertaining. Whether this was because the multiplayer process included switching memory cards rather than going online was the most likely reason that this happened, but it definitely showed the creators’ effort with making a game that would be fun for hours by yourself.

The animal speech in the series turned into gibberish for the other 3 games since this one, however in this game you can actually listen to them speak and decipher some words and phrases that sound like a warped/sped up version of English, giving the villagers a more realistic feel although still animals.

Up to 16 villagers can live in your town at a time, and a system is in place where you can go up to any villager and ask for a job immediately, meaning that you will never run out of things to do. Nearly every weekend an activity occurs whether it is a bug/fish competition or a holiday. The mayor is involved in the town allowing you to be in charge of the lighthouse for the night or handing you event related gifts.

KK Slider, a staple for the series who provides music for the custom houses, starts his career as a railroad stop singer before he is upgraded to a cafe singer in the later games. hqdefault

There are random things to do around the town to keep you busy such as watering flowers, talking and making friends with the villagers, kicking a ball around, digging up fossils and treasure, or stocking the museum with bugs, fish, and fossils. There is never a boring day when playing this game.

If you are looking for an amazing retro gaming experience or simply want an Animal Crossing game that you can play for hours on end without needing multiplayer to progress, this is definitely the game for you.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Cherub Book 2 The Dealer/Class A Review


James and his friends Kerry, Bruce, and Gabrielle have their first mission after summer vacation, and since James and Bruce have been slacking off Kerry and Gabrielle beat them performance-wise in the mission and so Bruce and James must walk back to the hotel. When they arrive back at the hotel, Kerry and Gabrielle mock Bruce and James because they could have used the phone and the money left on the counter to call a cab and could have been driven back to the hotel, emphasizing the fact of how much they are out of practice. Bruce and Kerry get into a fight where Bruce makes the pin in Kerry’s bad knee shift, sending her to the hospital. Since Gabrielle and James are their teammates, they too are sent back. This sets the scene for the plot of The Dealer or Class A.

While back at home base Kerry, James, Kyle, and Nicole all are sent on a mission to assist police in Luton to take down KMG, Europe’s biggest cocaine ring. James must befriend the head boss Keith’s son Junior, and is to also get to the heart of KMG even if it means being recruited as the dealers. As the others are given out their respective jobs, they have one main rule to follow: They are not allowed to take any of the drugs unless it is against their own will (not peer pressure) or they will get kicked out of CHERUB and sent to a foster home under an alias where they will start their new normal life.

James finds things a lot more difficult whilst on this mission as he can relate to Junior’s worries about his dad being arrested as his mom used to run a shoplifting ring in London and he used to worry daily about the same thing. A bit of romance brews between James, Nicole, and Kerry, but as James has to get close to/go out with April Junior’s sister he realizes that he really wants to go out with Kerry. Surprising News comes about both Kyle and Nicole in this story, and Lauren James’ little sister builds from being little kid who could not enter basic training to turning 10 and finally being able to enter it. Sparks fly between James and Kerry that will surely be built upon in the next book.

I really like how this series does not shy away from putting the characters into dangerous situations, even though they are technically still kids they do treat them as full spies instead of junior spies. This story also shows more realistic examples of how widespread the drug trade is, even in the fictional sense.I still believe that the characters still act above their age level in some situations, especially romantically, but I notice that the characters are aging as the books go on so I believe that this small issue will fix itself soon enough as they grow into their ages. I am loving this series more book by book and I look forward to reading it more.

Overall Rating: 4/5

CHERUB Book 1: The Recruit Review


James Choke, a 12 year old boy friend London, has a rather unconventional childhood. his mom ran a shoplifting ring in the city, so he never wanted for anything that could be bought in his life. Emotionally, he longs for the days that his 9 year old sister Lauren’s birth father wasn’t in his life. Her father hates James, pinning him as a troublemaker, and allows his mother/lover to get drunk all the time even encouraging it.

At the start of the book, a girl in James’ class is teasing him about having an overweight mom and he slams her into the way, making her cut her face on a nail by accident. He is suspended from school, but when he runs away from the school to his mom to try to explain himself she is again too drunk to care although she is on prescription drugs. She dies in her sleep as a result of the alcohol on top of the drugs, and now James and his sister are put into foster care.

James meets a friend named Kyle in foster care, but as he is just settling into the new lifestyle Lauren’s birth father comes to adopt her permanently. However, since he is not obligated to take on James in any way, he leaves him in foster care and does not allow him to see his little sister. James struggles with the thought of being banned from seeing his sister, his mother’s death, his stepfather’s cruelty, and his new life as an orphan. He decides to go back to his mom’s house and take all the money from her safe once he cracks the code, hiding it all around his room in the foster home so that his stepfather would only get the obvious bills even if he came to rob him.

He wakes up in a strange place where no one will talk to him, but soon learns that he is in CHERUB. CHERUB is a kid spy organization that allows kids that are orphans and in foster care a chance to have a permanent place to stay and train to be spies for the government. After the events of the past few months, he could not pass up the opportunity, and decides to take the tests so that he will be accepted.

After passing the tests with flying colors, and finding out that Kyle was also an agent that was sent to recruit a kid and chose him after the money trick, he moves into CHERUB headquarters. Before embarking on missions, he must learn to swim, go through basic training, one of the toughest tests an agent must face, and then if he passes both he must go on his first mission.


He passes his basic training, making a potential love interest in his teammate Kerry, but then he must go on his first mission to stop hippies that may be planning a terrorist attack on a business meeting with oil companies. 


I liked the character growth of James throughout the book, and I really enjoyed the idea of kids being spy (huge spy kids movie fan). Some parts of the book I saw James acting more like a 16 or 17 year old instead of a 12 year old, and I could not tell if it was because of his job or because the author just wrote them too maturely. Also, I felt as if the book crammed a lot into one book, it felt like 2 stories in one, however the size of the book was just a bit over 300 pages long so it did not feel as if I was reading it forever. Altogether, I truly enjoyed this book, and I will be reading/reviewing the rest of the series shortly.

Overall Rating: 4/5


Movie Review: Hidden Figures


I had the joy of being able to see this being movie on MLK day this year, and it did not disappoint. This movie is about 3 of some of NASA’s most underappreciated workers that did a lot of the calculations in order to get us into space, and then eventually to the Moon. Since there are three different stories that intertwine because they all worked at the same NASA plant, I will be doing analyses of each individual character.

Katherine G. Johnson

She understood analytical geometry when most human computers did not, along with being able to do math calculations very quickly got her into NASA. When the white female computers’ adviser came to the colored section, she wanted a colored computer that understood analytical geometry. Katherine more than fulfilled this requirement and so she was sent to work with the mostly white males on the Project Mercury when they wanted to send a man into space for the first time. However, the men in there would not give her recognition and even put up a colored coffeepot just so that they would not have to share a pot with her. She had to take 40 minute breaks just to go all the way back to the colored building in order to use the bathroom. Throughout the movie she fights to be recognized to be on some sort of almost equal level with the white men in the room so that she can use her skills to make sure that the astronaut would get back safely.

Dorothy Vaughan

She was the head of the colored computers department. The supervisor had left an unnamed amount of time before, so she had stepped up to hand out jobs as a supervisor would but was not recognized as a fellow supervisor officially nor by the white female computers’ supervisor. Throughout the movie she is fighting to be officially assigned the position as supervisor of the colored computer department. Also, when she realizes that the new IBM computer machine will eventually take the jobs of both the white and black female and possibly male computer departments, she was determined to teach herself and the colored computer girls how to work the machine so they would keep their jobs.


Mary Jackson

She wanted to be the first colored female engineer at NASA, but every time she became qualified enough to fulfill the requirements of engineer they bumped it up another level so she had to keep working. The final level was that one had to take extra classes at a whites-only high school in order to become a NASA engineer. She went to court to try to gain access to this whites-only high school so that she could become an engineer.



This movie and these women were inspiring historical figures that had been completely forgotten in the history books when they wrote about man going into space. I am overjoyed that this movie was created to celebrate their accomplishments, and I hope to see more movies like that to follow.

Rating: 5/5

Twilight Eclipse Movie Vs. Book with Spoilers

twilight-eclipse-wallpaper-3This review is a tough one for me personally. I enjoyed both the book and the movie, however to me the movie seemed like a larger fan service with mostly back and forth between Jacob and Edward. In the book it seemed the same way, except for the fact that both parties put up a bigger fight and came off as equally overbearing and creepy.

To start off, we all know what has happened in the last book. Edward leaves Bella, Bella gets depressed, Jacob saves Bella from depression, Bella saves Edward from killing himself, and then they return and everyone lives happily ever after. Except for Jacob.

The book starts off with things supposedly back to normal. Charlie decides to un-ground Bella but wants her to hang out with people other than Edward since he still has a vendetta against him for hurting Bella in New Moon. The new conflict arises when Bella wants to go shopping with Alice in Seattle and Charlie reveals that there have been a string of murders there. Edward begins acting overprotective as he tries to ban Bella from seeing Jacob at all.

The book and the movie cafeteria scenes are almost exactly the same. Kids chatting, Alice has a vision, and then Edwards wants Bella to go visit her mother with the plane tickets she received for her birthday. Bella wants to visit Jacob, but Edward removes some piece of her truck to make it stop working so that she cannot go to the reservation. This is also creepy, as he has been gone for about six months and now he is back and basically putting her on house arrest from the guy who was with her for those six months or so.

Bella returns from her loving mother-daughter trip and Jacob and Edward fight because of Emmett crossing the treaty line during the fight against Victoria while Bella was away. Bella is upset with Edward for trying to control her and then keeping her in the dark about something that could mean life or death for her. This is where the book becomes far more effective than the movie. In the book, Edward is seen to be in some sort of physical pain during this scene. It is later revealed that Jacob had shown him in his mind the pictures of how broken Bella had been when Sam found her in the woods and the four months after. However in the movie this never happened, meaning that Edward never truly found out how hurt Bella was.

Edward becomes super overprotective and annoying in Eclipse book. He takes it upon himself that every time he leaves Bella to hunt, that she is put on house arrest with the other Cullen vampires so no one can come hurt her. This was just about skipped in the movie, although it was a big piece of Edward’s overprotective and almost creepy nature. Bella had a scene where she was at school while under this “house arrest/sleepover” with Rosalie and Alice and Jacob came on his motorcycle and helped her escape them. While on the reservation they had a long conversation about how how Bella wanted to be turned into a vampire, and Jacob says that he would rather her be dead than be one of the “bloodsuckers” and she returns forlorn to her house arrest with the Cullen sisters.

When Edward finds out that someone had been in Bella’s room, not too much unlike the movie scene, he does not team up with Jacob to find the vampire right away. Instead Jacob talks to Bella on the phone and then to Edward making a type of group protection plan for her. Jacob shows off his super fast healing skills, the campfire scene takes place even later, and then the movie seems to start being more like the book. Jasper tells his war story, and then big JACOB KISSES BELLA SCENE!

In the movie its a clearly unwanted kiss, she hurts her hand punching him, Edward gets all vampirey mad, Charlie calms it down, and Carlisle fixes Bella! In the book, Jacob is kissing Bella, she is pushing at him and he just keeps kissing her, until finally she stops fighting it and then he lets her go. Then she punches him and he continues to flirt with her and tries to blame her for the whole ordeal on the way home. This seems less like an unwanted kiss and more serious like almost an assault than it did in the movie. Not to mention Charlie in the book was less shocked that Jacob kissed her and he punched him and more congratulating him for getting the “girl”. Edward does threaten to kill him if he brings her back “damaged” again or tries to kiss her again but he is far more “deadly” sounding and dangerous in the book because he is quiet rather than trying to attack him.

Okay now we are at the part where it is the beginning of Alice’s party. In the book, Bella has figured out on her own that the army took her clothes because they want to come for her individually rather than for the Cullens, and she tells Edward thoroughly freaking him out before the party. Then during the party Alice has a vision, Jacob and Bella fight a little and then make up, and then they all group up because of the big fight.

Most of the rest of the book is the same so I will only focus on the big differences and similarities. Yes, the tent seen is just as cringe-worthy with overly-sexual Jacob and protective Edward. Jacob is seriously creepy in the second kiss scene, threatening to kill himself if Bella did not “kiss him properly” and respond to him making out with her. Then she finally gives in and kisses him back, kind of creating the simpler version shown in theatres. Edward was forgiving of the ordeal but Bella hates herself for kissing Jacob that way. After the big fight against Riley and Victoria, Bella goes into shock and Edward is afraid that she hates him now but she was just shocked by the overall event. When Bella finds out that Jacob is killed she isn’t as nonchalant as she was in the movie but she was very disturbed by the whole of the situation. She changes her mind when Edward offers to change her that night in order to not force the early marriage after seeing how thirsty the young female vampire who was killed by the Volturi was.

PHEW! I will DEFINITELY NOT be making a Movie VS Book for Breaking Dawn as long as this. I will probably just rate both at the same time throwing in little tidbits about each one. This one I had to do more comparisons on because I simply adored the book but the movie undermined many parts of the book. Overall, the Eclipse movie was a very abridged version of this important installment and that is why I have to give both the movie and the book separate ratings.


Movie: 2.5/5
Book: 3.5/5

Next Reviews: Twilight Breaking Dawn, Movie: Hidden Figures

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Plans for January 2017

Sorry for not updating but I am sick! For the second time in a single month XD. Either way, this is as good a time as any to write out some simple plans for you guys to look forward to in the next 16 days of this month.

Book Reviews:

Twilight Eclipse

Twilight Breaking Dawn

Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet

We Were Liars

Game Reviews:


The Rest of the Animal Crossing Series



Movie Reviews 


Hairspray Live

Hairspray 2007

Hidden Figures

Nintendo Switch

I am really excited about this console! As of now I am still trying to get a preorder of the neon one, but every time I seem to find one it goes out of stock. I am going to get it with some eshop cards instead of buying one of the preorder games. This is simply because I am not much of a Legend of Zelda person, so if it comes down to it I WILL force myself to play that, which may not be awful but it may be tedious. However, I would much rather buy a random 3rd Party or indie game that comes out on day one rather than the Zelda game. The games that I am really looking forward to on the Switch are Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Skyrim, Minecraft, Shin Megami Tensei, Fire Emblem warriors, and whatever else decides to surprise me. I also hope that a new console Animal crossing game comes out, seeing that the last non handheld one was for the Wii, and that the 3DS one is already turning 5 years old this summer. I hope that the Wii U goes way down in price soon, simply because I never got it because I did not have the money at the time although I really wanted it. If I manage to snag it in the last couple of years of its life, I may be able to catch up on the games that I have missed.

That’s all for now, I am going to go back to sleeping and drinking water XD see you later and thanks for reading!

About Me: Animal Crossing Game Review #1

si_nds_animalcrossingwildworldMy favorite game series has to be Animal Crossing. I just love how you get to create your own world from scratch and they give incentives for completing all the tasks such as filling the museum or buying all the upgrades to your house or filling your town with gardens and trees. Not to mention you can create very real bonds with the AI villagers in the towns that fill your day to day activity. I am going to be ranking the 5 Animal Crossing Games I own from Gamecube to 3DS on either daily or every other day until I have finally finished the list. So now, for my least favorite Animal Crossing Game, Wild World.

#4. Animal Crossing Wild World

This game could have been so good. However they basically took the Gamecube version, took all the special events/holidays that had anything to do with religion out, replaced them with pretty boring ones, and then made the town smaller. I understand that they were probably trying to make their game open to more people, but when it’s Christmas and you are expecting at least a present or some extra snowfall or something, you will be disappointed.The removed holidays also include Easter, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. This means that your Animal Crossing Wild World year consists of mostly Bug-Offs and Fishing Tourneys.

Animal Crossing Wild World was not a bad game for the time, considering how they took a really detailed gamecube game and turned it into a fully functional DS game. When it was on Gamecube, the multiplayer functionality was so complicated, including exchanging memory cards, that most people would go their whole game time without once playing online multiplayer with anyone. However, on the DS they tried to force you to play with other people. If you wanted the fully upgraded Nook’s/General Store with a place to customize your hair and face, you had to have someone visit from another town. They had both local play and online play that would satisfy this feature. But if you were like me, your wifi was invisible to your DS and no one you knew had the game. So that meant that I was locked out of this feature indefinitely because of not being able to play with anyone else.

In wild world, they took away the infinite asking for jobs system. In the gamecube game you could talk to any villager, ask for a job, and they would give you one most of the time. This kept you fairly busy in the time that you were playing, as you ran random errands like “fetch my gameboy from Peanut” or “Get my soccer ball from Static”. In the DS game, a villager would have to randomly ask you to run an errand, which was pretty rare, so you had no real reason to do much besides get on to collect daily fossils and fruit if you didn’t want to spend time doing activities for yourself.

I did love my time with Wild World simply because I could take it everywhere, however the more years pass and the more new Animal Crossing games come out, the more I realize that it had a lot of potential and it did not quite live up to it.

Overall Rating: 2.75/5

Twilight New Moon Book VS. Movie with Spoilers

I really, and I mean REALLY disliked the New Moon arc of the Twilight Saga. I disliked the book, disliked the movie even more. Most of my reviews I will try to stay spoiler-free, but for this one I must delve into the entirety of the book to give the full depth of my hatred for it.




Okay now that that is out of the way, onto the good stuff. Laurent’s words basically summed up the whole story for me. “How much could you mean to him if” I wanted to give him an award, well despite the fact that he was trying to kill Bella. In the book and the movie, Bella’s depressed months were skimmed over to express how she was barely living during these months. It does not give an in depth look into how bad she was besides a sad song and some camera spinning and month names. However in the book New Moon, she skims over how she was, but in the book Jacob saw the whole ordeal and dropped hints throughout of how broken she used to be..

Her hallucinating about Edward was probably one of the strangest things I have ever read/saw. Robert Pattinson did not do book Edward justice when acting these out. For example, when Bella prepared herself to jump off a cliff in the movie, Edward simply says (insert sarcastic voice)”Bella don’t. Please” In the book when she is drowning because of the heavy waves as the storm comes he is screaming at her “Keep swimming…Fight! Damn it Bella keep fighting!” This is not the only change to the depth of their relationship that they made.

When Edward returns after Bella saves him from the Volturi, after Bella wakes up he gives this long speech about how he was suffering to keep a brave face on and not run back to her by the hour. However in the movie he admits to the fact that he failed her but does not say whether or not he would have come back if she had not jumped off the cliff. This changes things because if he does not say that he wanted to come back at all, it diminishes their bond. If he had admitted to wanting to return and struggling to stay away, it would have caused her to have more reason to go back to him. Edward in the book almost begged her to take him back, although it was unnecessary, but in the movie he simply got back together with her.

The main thing from the end that stayed the same was the pain that Edward felt when he thought that she had died. Most of this emotion showed in the clock tower scene of the movie, however in the book it was the bedroom scene.

The other thing that stayed the same for me from book to movie was my sadness for Jacob. He spent so long putting Bella back together from the broken state that Edward had left her in, just for her to run off to Italy and save the person who had broken her. Jacob had his moments like when he left her when he first turned into a werewolf, but it was less of him being scared of himself in this new and violent state. In the movie, Jacob seemed more harsh when leaving her to join the wolves permanently, but either way he did not leave her for very long.

Personally, I cannot understand movie or book Bella in the New Moon arc. In the movie, Edward was mostly emotionless throughout the whole thing. Jacob always told Bella his feelings, and even begged for her to stay when she was about to go to save Edward. In the book Edward had much more emotion, and more of Jacob’s violent side showed through making it a harder decision for her to choose. All in all, New Moon is simply the part of the series that I would love to forget, but it does build on the story that will shine through in Eclipse.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

P.S. Sorry for not updating in awhile, I went to a special event over the weekend that I will be talking about soon on here, and I am also getting a video recorder for my 3DS so I will be making some YouTube videos hopefully soon. Thank you for reading!