TRIPLE Book Haul

So this weekend, I went to another city to see a graduation! The city I live in does not have a single decent bookstore (besides the one in the church only open on Sundays) so I had high hopes that going to this new city would allow me a chance to look into some new bookstores.

1st Stop: Books A Million

This store had a huge bargain books section and I just went crazy. I got a ton of books I had just been waiting forever to get or I had literally just found then, and so here are the books I bought.

WARNING: I want to get at least a stock photo for every single book, but for space I will be making them as small as possible. This will still probably be an extravagantly long post.

The Maze Runner/The Scorch Trials Collectors Edition $4.97

The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials: The Collector's Edition (Maze Runner, #1-2)

Hollow City $3.97 (Hardcover)

Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #2)

Soul’s Gate $2

Soul's Gate (Well Spring #1)

The Fury and the Dark Reunion $3

The Fury / Dark Reunion (The Vampire Diaries, #3-4)

The Looking Glass Wars $3.97 (Hardcover)

The Looking Glass Wars (The Looking Glass Wars, #1)

Afterworlds $3.97

Afterworlds (Afterworlds #1)

I’ll Give You The Sun $4.97

I'll Give You the Sun

The Coldest Girl In ColdTown $2.97

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters $2.97 (Hardcover)

The Forgotten Sisters (Princess Academy, #3)

The Hunters: Destiny Rising $3

Destiny Rising (The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters, #3)

The Zom B Chronicles Book 1-3 $2.97

The Zom-B Chronicles (Zom-B, #1-3)

13 Curses $3.97

13 Curses (Thirteen Treasures, #2)

Struck By Lightning $2.97

Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal

Copper Sun $3.97

Copper Sun

Zom B Chronicles Books 3-6 $2.97 no picture sorry 😦

Okay so that was the first store! The next store was a smaller used bookstore that had some books for a dollar outside, but most of the books had high prices so I only bought 2

Doomed Queen Anne $1

Doomed Queen Anne (Young Royals, #3)

Girl With A Pearl Earring $1

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Then I went to the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. I heard that they had some books, but I did not know just how many. Then I just walked into the store and to my right were just books upon books. I went to the Teen Fiction Shelf, saw the City of Lost Souls in Paperback, and looked at the back. 3 dollars. I just went crazy and started snatching up all the books I wanted.

The Infinite Sea $2 (Hardcover)

The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave, #2)

Thrones And Bones Nightborn $2 (Hardcover)

Nightborn (Thrones & Bones, #2)

City Of Bones $2

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)

Illuminae $6

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

City of Lost Souls $3

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)

City of Heavenly Fire $2 (Hardcover)

City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)

The Eternal Ones and All you Desire (99 cents each)

The Eternal Ones (Eternal Ones, #1)All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, #2)

Sirens (99 cents)

Sirens (Faithful, #3)

The Distance From Me To You $2

The Distance from Me to You

North Child $2

North Child

50 Cent Playground (49 cents) (Hardcover)


In the past week between the church book sale, those book stores, and bookoutlet I have a grand total of 58 new books! This is absolutely crazy, I haven’t gotten this many at one time since me and my family used to hit a bunch of Goodwills on the way home from vacations and just buy tons of chapter books. Definitely not in the past 3-4 years. So I won’t be buying any books for awhile, but it will take me ages to read through all of these. Thanks for reading! Reviews to come!






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I am this week’s feature on Endever Publishing. To those who have come to my blog from there, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. And to those who follow me already, please go and show your love to Endever! They have been so helpful to me throughout these past weeks and I plan to collaborate more with them soon. Also, shoutout to J from amongotherthings, she works with them and was so nice throughout all of this, even making my new site graphic for me! Thank you!

Link to Feature

J’s site

King’s Cage


This book is what I consider a prime example of the difference between reading a hard copy of something and reading the ebook. When I read this ebook (on my phone not my Nook), I kept forgetting what I had just read, and I eventually just gave up and decided I couldn’t read it until I got the hard copy. This doesn’t happen to me with ALL ebooks, some I have even loved better by reading it online instead of in person. However, this book was not one of those books. When I received my hard copy, I thought that I would be able to start from where I had left off on my phone, but I ended up having to start over from the very beginning. Only then did I begin to really enjoy the story.

Mare has now been captured by Prince Maven. She is under the pressure of Silent Stone almost daily, while Maven parades her around as if he has captured the leader of the Scarlet Guard. He forces her to participate in his speeches, renouncing the Guard and telling the newbloods to come to the castle instead of going to the Guard. Mare hates that she is betraying all that she had worked for in the past months, but Maven has powerful friends, such as Samson the late Queen’s brother who has the same mind-searching skills that the queen did. Mare is afraid that if she refuses to give in that they will cease to allow her to exist, which they are already beginning to do by locking her up for so long. She was once a part of the court as a princess, but now she is the part of a court as a prisoner, and she is finding out more secrets than she ever knew before. In this book, I felt as if she did not grow that much as a character, actually getting weaker because of the months in prison. However, it was not unpleasant to read about her months in prison as she kept doing things to fight her situation and find out new things about the royals. 

Cameron has been honing her Silencing powers in order to help the Scarlet Guard in their battles against the Silvers. While she isn’t practicing with mainly Sara Skonos, she is also watching the other members of the Guard and seeing how they are coping with seeing Mare spew her lies on television. She still hopes that she will be able to save her twin brother from the front lines.

Farley is coping with her grief of Shade, and throughout the book she is also preparing to be a mother while struggling with being unable to serve the SG as she always did because of her pregnancy. I miss her being one of the main strong characters, always in battle, but I did enjoy her higher sense of responsibility throughout the book. 

Overall, although it took me a while to get into this book, I finally finished it! I don’t know where Aveyard is going with this, if you read the ending you know what I am speaking about, but I trust her judgement. I look forward to the next book in the Red Queen Series!

Overall Rating: 4/5


Geekerella Review


Elle has a stepmom and twin stepsisters that hate her. While her stepmom pays for the twins to go to 400 dollar tennis lessons but she won’t allow Elle to do anything but her housework and her job. Elle works at a vegan pumpkin truck with her only human friend Sage, and has befriended a dog next door named Frank who’s owner has all but abandoned it. She lives a rather lonely life, but the show Starfield makes it all bearable for her. She used to watch the show with her now-deceased parents, and go to a yearly cosplay convention with them. The show is getting a movie reboot, and while Elle is originally excited for it her dreams are crushed when she realizes that the soap opera star her stepsisters are obsessed with is starring as the dashing Prince Carmindor. She immediately goes on her Starfield blog and tells everyone how wrong it is for the soap opera star to be the one acting in the movie that everyone had been looking forward to for years.

Darien is a famous teen actor. He is usually forced into things by his father, but this isn’t a role he wants to be forced into. Before he became super popular, he was just a regular kid who loved Starfield and who would go to the conventions with his friends. Now he is the star of the new movie, is forced to get questions wrong in an interview just so he can get dunked and his female soap opera fans will be happy, and people on blogs are telling him his worst fear: that he won’t live up to the honor of Prince Carmindor.

When the two accidentally start talking due to a wrong number text message, everything changes.

I loved this book to pieces. Sometimes I look at the new versions of fairytales and simply see a dumbed down version or even worse, oversexualized, version of the original fairytales. This had the perfect amount of romance, while still giving each individual character their space to grow and mature in the story. I loved Elle, she never gave up even when nothing seemed to be going her way. I wish we had seen more of how the stepmother and stepsisters became the way that they did, but as in the fairytale there is no true explanation. Sage is supposed to be the fairy godmother, I suppose, but I enjoyed the fairy godmother having a more secure place in the story rather than just the “bippity boppity boo” fairy that disappears quickly. Darien had a deeper backstory than I expected, and I began to love his character for being his secretly fanboy self just as Elle was.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is in middle school and above. There isn’t anything inappropriate, and the only reason why I don’t say elementary school is simply because everyone is so much older in the story. I love this book and I hope you all get ot read it if you can.

Overall Rating: 6/5

The Lightning Thief


Percy Jackson is a problem child. He has been expelled from almost every school he’s been in. He has ADHD and dyslexia which means that all his grades are close to failing or actually failing. However, he wants to change this. He wants to stay in the school he is in, with his awesome Latin teacher Mr. Brunner who actually believes in him, and his best friend Grover who is loyal to him. He is on probation in his new school because of his multiple arguments with the school bully Nancy Bobafit, so he is determined to not accidentally cause trouble like he usually does on the school field trip. When the two argue, he blacks out momentarily, and when he “wakes up” she is in the fountain. Kids are saying that the water grabbed her and dragged her in there. Mrs. Dodds, the math teacher, takes Percy inside for what he thinks is a reprimand. However, she transforms into a monster that he kills after Mr. Brunner tosses him a sword/pen.

He comes out of the museum very confused. Nancy says that the teacher who took him in was Mrs. Kerr not Mrs Dodds, and even Mr. Brunner denies that there ever was a Mrs. Dodds. Grover hesitates before saying that Mrs. Dodds never existed, so Percy decides that they must be lying. His grades go down, he lashes out at other teachers, and he is eventually told that he is expelled after this year. He hears Mr. Brunner saying to Grover in private about a solstice and that a Kindly One was in the school. Then it is time for summer break.

He travels back to his mom Sally’s house that they share with his horrible stepdad Gabe Ugliano. His mom is wonderful, and while he was away she has planned for them to go back to the beach where she met Percy’s real father. He decides not to ruin the moment by telling her about all the crazy stuff that has been going on, but instead just enjoys the day on the beach with his mom. That night, he has dreams of a horse and a large bird fighting each other, and when he wakes up Grover the SATYR has come to take him to Half Blood Hill.

Once he gets to camp, a Minotaur attacks him, taking his mom, and a blonde haired girl who feeds him pudding in his sleep keeps talking about a winter solstice. Mr Brunner/Chiron talks to him once he wakes up about the quest he must go on in order to keep Olympus from war.

I read this book when I was the same age as Percy in this book. I loved it, and I went directly onto reading the Sea of Monsters. I thought I was going to whip through the series. But then, for reasons personal and reasons such as the fact that I only had the first 3 books and not the whole series, I stopped after the Sea of Monsters and about one chapter of the Titan’s Curse. Fast forward almost 6 years. I now have all the books except for 2 of the Heroes of Olympus series, and I am trying to reread the Titan’s Curse in its entirety. I am so lost, I have forgotten almost everything about the characters. I decided that I needed to go back through the whole series to remember the important bits before I dived back into the books.

I really enjoyed reading this book, just like I did years ago. Sure, many of the things that I found funny or cool when I read it at 11 seem a bit more childish to me, simply because of the fact that I am older, but it didn’t make the overall story any less enjoyable. I liked how Percy has a mom who really cares about him, even when he is expelled from school after school she always believes him when he says that it wasn’t his fault. If it wasn’t for his mother Percy would have been a lost cause. Then there is Grover, the small runt-y little satyr that is his friend and who helps him, showing that with determination even the weakest can prove themselves to be strong. I loved Percy and how his strong family grounding helped him through all of his struggles throughout the story.

I would recommend this book for younger readers, for example 4-5th grade and up, but as you can see it is a great read for anyone really. I will be posting the rest of the Series reviews as I read them, and I hope that you follow me as I read hopefully all of Rick Riordan’s kids books.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Empress of a Thousand Skies


Rhee is a princess, the last of her line, and the rest of her family died in a plane crash when she was young. She is going to be coronated, and says a hard goodbye to her best friend. Her best friends father, Veyron, escorts her on the ship to her coronation, but when they are in private he attacks her. She is forced to kill him to save her own life, but she is devastated with knowing that she has impoverished her friend/love interest. She sends his body off in an escape pod, and then Dahlen comes to save her and take her to another place, convinced that a man that was trying to kill her was under the orders of someone that the other’s on the ship trusted. Then go into hiding, but everyone in the kingdom believes Rhee is dead because the ship exploded after they left.

Aly stars on a DroneVision TV show with his best friend Vin. The two travel as bounty hunters across the galaxy, solving petty crimes and showing off at every chance for the thousands of fans (particularly female). Vin can get away with anything on the show, but Aly is Wraetan and so he has to watch everything he does on the show so he doesn’t feed into the stereotype that Wraetan’s are violent and crass brutes. He hears about the princess’s murder, and he sees a random royal escape pod floating in space. When he brings the pod in, he realizes that inside is a dead human body with a knife sticking in it. He doubts that the princess may not be dead, but there is something definitely wrong. Then it comes into the news that he killed her, even though he had nothing to do with it, and he knows that he has to go into hiding.

Okay let me get one thing straight. When I read the inside of the cover, I thought that the two would be on an adventure TOGETHER. They do not interact except for a glance near the end of the book, and then they go their separate ways! Then the POVs. Oh my gosh. I admit, I am a fast reader. I never skip whole pages, and I am cutting down on the skimming some, but its just how I read. I don’t miss information, but if I accidentally do, I always go back. Here, with the constantly changing POV, I found myself jumping back whole chapters because I was like “What the heck are they doing now?”. They were on completely different paths for like the entire book, but the book still jumped from POV to POV every chapter like I was somehow supposed to be able to keep up with what was going on.

Despite this, I did enjoy the book. I liked the storyline and I liked the idea of the space opera. I just simply struggled to figure out where one thing ended and another thing began. Rhee’s character was a bit annoying, with her constantly trying to run from the only person she thinks she can trust, but then she thinks she can’t trust, but then she thinks she can trust again. None of this really gets wrapped up at the end, because it is only the first book in the series, so there is definitely going to be more in the series, but I just felt drained by the end.  Aly was probably the most interesting character in the book to me, and so reading his parts were always my favorite parts of the story.

I won’t recommend this book until I read the second book and see some great improvement on the POV and smoothness situation, but if I do then I would recommend this to be read just to understand the next book. For now, I simply recommend keeping this book in the back of your head for the future.

Overall Rating: 2/5

The Stonekeeper’s Curse Review


After the events of the previous book, Emily and Navin have their mother with the rest of their great-grandfather’s robots in the big robot house. She and her brother must go to the city of Kanalis to wake up their mother from her coma, as the antidote for the poison that is affecting her can only be found in this city. The Evil Elf King sends his son with a helper to go after them as they race to the peak where the antidote should be found by a dragon’s egg. They don’t know this, so they end up having to abandon the house and their mother in order to hide from the elves in the city. A fox man that they meet in the city tells them that the trees told him that it was his destiny to help the stonekeeper/Emily on her mission. They find out that they have to go to an area full of these magical talking trees to find a fruit that will save her mother. They think that their only issue will be protecting themselves from the elves, but the girl also fights with the stone that also tries to make her hand her power over to it. If she hands over the power of the stone to the stone itself, she could potentially lose herself and become a very powerful yet dangerous force to be reckoned with.

I wish I could draw. Instead of writing a review, I would then make amazing fanart. Words cannot express how much these stories draw you in just through the art. I loved every minute of the 45 minutes to an hour it took for me to read this book.

The main female character is so strong and young. Now she has her mother, a house full of robots and strange animal-robots, and a younger brother to protect with her stone. The stone that is constantly trying to take over her brain. Yet she does not falter, and is constantly looking for new ways to help the people on her adventure with her. Even showing kindness to people who seemingly don’t deserve any.

Her brother Navin never seemed to be that much of a burden in the story, but now he is showing how he will become more useful as the series goes on in his own way. He seems to have more of a connection with the robots and robotic animals in the house and he keeps everything together when his sister has to do the larger parts of the missions.

Altogether, this series is so beautifully drawn, and I hope to be able to finish it before the school year lets out. I recommend to anyone looking for a quick yet fulfilling graphic novel read.

Overall Rating: 5/5


BookOutlet is AMAZING (Book Haul)

Okay so when I went to bookoutlet I wasn’t really sure what I would be expecting. I thought that I could possibly be getting some pretty okay books, and then I worried that the books would be so damaged that I would not be able to read them. However all of them were in perfect condition (for the non scratch and dent copies) and in near-perfect condition for the ones that happened to be scratch and dent. For the sake of visual proof I will be taking a picture of all the books I bought, just excuse the poor lighting. I will definitely be going here for the books I cannot find on my amazing book sale spot in my city.

Oz The Complete Collection Volume 4 (Scratch and Dent)



This is supposed to be a scratch and dent copy. This was the only scratch/dent that I found on the entire book. $3.79

The Unwanteds Island of Silence (Scratch and Dent)



Again, hunting for the one issue with the book. $2.19

Pegasus Olympus at War



Zeroes (Scratch and Dent)


SO this had a bit more damage than the others, but I only paid $2.69 for it so its still not so bad.

The Novice (Scratch and Dent)


There was a tiny bend in the pages at the top by the spine, but I couldn’t get it to come into focus well. Otherwise nothing was wrong. $2.69




Four (Scratch and Dent)


Nothing was wrong with this book. $2.69

The Rule of Thoughts (Scratch and Dent)


Slight page bending. $2.69

The Girl on the Train


$5.89 (Most expensive book)

CHERUB: The Killing



Is it Night Or Day? (Scratch and Dent)


Nothing was wrong with this copy. $1.59 (Cheapest book)

The Secret War



The End of Infinity (Scratch and Dent)


This was probably the worst copy damage-wise. However the pages were in perfect condition so it won’t affect reading at all as this is a hardcover. $3.79

So all in all I should have paid $42.47 for these books in amazing condition plus shipping right? WRONG! The shipping is free for orders over $35, and there is a code for the first purchase for 15% off. So all in all I paid only $36.10 for these books. They only took a week to deliver, and I am loving how every one looks. For those like me, reading on a budget, this is a great site. Especially if you, like me, have no large used book stores within walking or even 5-10 minute driving distance from your house. It also has many new books that used bookstores often lack. I advise everyone to use this site when possible so that they will be supported and continue to offer this amazing service.

Random Book Sale Book Haul

So as I was out with my family, we were headed to the mall for some shopping. I was slightly dreading the trip because I just knew that it would be extra crowded for Mother’s Day, but I wanted to go anyways  simply because I needed some stuff from said mall. Then on the way there, we saw a sign on a church saying that there was a book sale happening there every Sunday after church indefinitely. We decided to stop there just to see if they had anything good simply because the items were only a dollar for paperbacks, 2 for hardcover, and select ones for free. Boy was I glad that I stopped by. I ended up spending 15 dollars, and I got 17 books.

Free Books

I could not BELIEVE my eyes when I saw Scarlet on the free table. It looked in a bit of a rough condition, but its still a fairly new book and popular at that. I picked up the second one randomly because, well it was free and I was looking for a few new book reading ideas. Then I went onto the rest of the sale.

Outlander Series


Out of these, the only books I don’t own now are Outlander and Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. The rest of the books were there, in near-perfect condition, for a dollar apiece! I almost died. Even on Amazon 1 book is about 9 dollars on kindle and in paper. This was probably the best deal, but I still got more.



Breaking Dawn must have been bought already but I snagged the first 3 books of the series for 3 dollars. This will be sitting on the shelf looking nice and shiny with my new copy of Life and Death, the genderswapped retelling.

Random Books

All of these books were in perfect condition, and I got about every book I could find there. There may have been more, particularly some small paperback series’ that I had to overlook simply because I didn’t have the money to buy it all. But since this place wants to do it every Sunday, I will be able to definitely go there again sometime to see if they will have more.


Bimonthly Book List

This is my current book list, carrying over from last time since technically it isn’t the 15th yet. I just wanted to plot everything out this weekend so I could make sure to stay more on schedule, and give myself extra weekend time to read. This may also change, because I ordered books from BookOutlet for the first time (FINALLY!) but they won’t come until middle to end of next week. But here is my current reading list!

May 15-31 Reading List

Some Boys

A Game of Thrones



Fahrenheit 451

Animal Farm

Kings Cage

Shadow and Bone

Peter and the Starcatchers

The Thieves of Ostia

Seeds of Earth



Dorothy Must Die

The Wizard of Oz

The Raven Boys (DNF)


City of Fallen Angels


The Alchemist

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse

Kane Chronicles the Red Pyramid



The Ruins of Gorlan

Carve the Mark

A Raisin in the Sun

Great Expectations

A Wizard of Earthsea

The House on the Cliff

The Secret of the Old Clock

The Tower Treasure

Douglass’ Women

The Hunger Games

Treasure Island

The Infinite Sea

Before I fall

The Valiant

I know, its a lot, but I have a lot of free time on my hands in these next 2-3 weeks AND I am going on a long car trip one weekend which means that I will be stuck in a car for at LEAST 6-8 hours, with traffic possibly 9-10, and I will be doing nothing for most of the weekend which means more reading time. And most of these books are pretty quick reads. Throughout the week I will be going through this list and crossing off the books that I finish (and adding books that I receive), so keep an eye on this post if you want to see what I am up to. Thanks for reading!